JUJUPUPS Reflective Service Dog Patches – Set of 2 Hook & Loop Dog ID & Warning Tags for Vests & Harnesses


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Keep Your Service Dog Safe and Identified with These Highly Reflective Tactical Patches!

Training and handling a service dog requires clear communication and identification. With these reflective Velcro dog patches from Jujupups, you can easily identify your service dog in training and make their special status clear to others.

This set includes two 6 x 2 inch patches with strong hook-and-loop backing so you can securely attach them to any service dog vest, harness, or leash wrap. One patch clearly identifies your “Service Dog In Training” while the other warns “Do Not Pet”.

Both patches feature a durable, reflective background that shines brightly when light hits it. This makes your service dog visible and recognizable even in low light conditions. The bold text stands out clearly against the reflective background.

High Quality Materials Ensure Durability

These service dog patches are constructed from top quality materials to withstand regular use and washing. The tightly woven fabric background resists fraying, fading, and wear. And the strong hook fastener on the back keeps your patches securely attached where you place them.

Customizable Identification for Your Needs

Proper patching allows you to clearly identify your service dog while also quickly communicating key information to others. Feel free to mix and match these patches or add more to suit your needs!

The highly reflective “Service Dog in Training” patch clearly indicates the dog’s special status. This can help preempt issues around entering public places or flying with your service dog.

The “Do Not Pet” patch protects your dog against unwanted interference during training and work. This is an important reminder as petting and distraction can undo much of your training.

You can also combine these with other Velcro patches for full customization:

“Do Not Distract”
“Do Not Feed”
“In Training”
“Working Dog”
Custom name and ID patches
Ideal For Any Service Dog Breed

These hook and loop service dog patches are great for any breed of service dog. Their high visibility and clear text convey vital information regardless of your dog’s size, coat length or color.

Commonly used service dog breeds like:

Golden Retrievers
German Shepherds
Will all benefit from these identification patches for training and working. The Velcro backing sticks securely even on thick, long coats.

Reflective Tactical Design

In addition to clear communication, service dogs benefit from gear designed for durability, visibility, and ease of use.

These patches feature a tactical style reflective background designed to provide maximum visibility. The high-contrast text stands out clearly and brightly against this background.

The hook-and-loop backing also comes from tactical gear design. Originally created for military use, Velcro is durable, versatile, and keeps your patches securely in place.

This tactical inspiration ensures these patches provide great visibility and secure attachment – essential features for service dog gear.

Get Your Service Dog Noticed and Protected

Clear communication and identification is essential for service dogs and their handlers. With these reflective tactical patches, you can quickly convey your service dog’s status and needs.

The “Service Dog in Training” and “Do Not Pet” patches are perfect for maximizing your dog’s visibility and setting boundaries. And the hook-and-loop backing makes them easy to attach and rearrange as needed.

Keep your service dog safe while making their purpose clear to the public. Order these high visibility Jujupups patches today!


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