JUJUPUPS Reflective Service Dog Patches – DO NOT PET, in Training (2 Pack, Black, Hook and Loop)


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Keep Your Service Dog Safe with JUJUPUPS Reflective Patches

Your service dog provides invaluable help and companionship, so it’s important to keep them safe when you’re out and about. These reflective service dog patches from JUJUPUPS allow you to clearly communicate important information about your dog to others.

The 2-pack includes a “Service Dog DO NOT PET” and “Service Dog in Training DO NOT PET” patch. The bold, silver reflective letters stand out clearly against the black reflective background. This makes the messages highly visible, even in low light conditions.

Clear Communication for Service Dog’s Safety

The “DO NOT PET” patches help protect your service dog from unwanted interference. Well-meaning strangers may try to distract your dog while they are working. But any disruption could put your health at risk if you rely on your service dog’s assistance.

These patches gently remind others to please avoid interacting with your dog. This allows your companion to focus on the job at hand. Furthermore, some service dogs may become anxious or overstimulated if petted by strangers. The patch protects them from this overstimulation.

The “in Training” patch indicates your service dog is still learning. This asks for patience and space while your dog practices their skills.

Durable and Secure Design

JUJUPUPS uses quality materials to create patches that last. The reflective fabric is made of rugged polyester that resists fading and wear.

Each patch features a hook fastener backing. This allows you to securely adhere the patches onto vests, harnesses, collars, leashes, and other gear. Simply press the patch firmly onto the hook receptive material. The strong hold keeps the patches in place through daily use.

If needed, the patches can be removed and repositioned without damage. The hook fastener is designed for multiple uses.

Available Sizes

JUJUPUPS offers several sizes to suit different needs:

6″ x 2″ – Good visibility from a short distance for most dogs
5″ x 1.5″ – More discreet size for small breed dogs
4″ x 1″ – Best for narrow collars, small vest patches, etc.
Review the dimensions carefully and measure your dog’s equipment before ordering. Be sure to choose a size appropriate for your dog and their gear. The patches should be clearly visible but not overly bulky.

Reflective Safety

The reflective background helps keep your dog visible in low light. At night, or when walking early in the mornings, the patches reflect light back. This catches the eye of drivers and other pedestrians.

For additional visibility, pair the patches with a reflective service dog vest or harness. This provides visibility from multiple angles.

Secure Your Dog’s Comfort and Safety

With JUJUPUPS service dog patches, you can quickly notify others of your service dog’s needs. This allows your dog to do their job without interference. The durable and reflective design also helps keep your dog safely visible. Order a pack today to protect your beloved companion while out and about.


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