Joytale Step in Dog Harness – The Safe, Secure and Comfortable Walking Vest for Your Furry Friend


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Your pup is your pride and joy, so finding a harness that keeps them safe, secure and comfortable on walks is a top priority. That’s why pet parents love the Joytale Step In Dog Harness – it checks all the boxes!

This ingenious harness has a simple step-in design that’s incredibly easy to put on and take off your dog. No more struggling to fit it over their head or having them wiggle out of it. Just have them step into the leg holes, pull it up their body, attach the sturdy buckles and you’re ready to hit the trails in seconds!

The custom fit ensures the Joytale harness stays snugly in place without chafing or rubbing. It’s made from lightweight, breathable air mesh fabric that allows air to freely circulate, keeping your dog cool on hot summer walks. The soft padded vest distributes pressure evenly across their chest and back for chafe-free comfort.

Reflective accents on the straps and sides make your pup visible at night, while the handy D-ring on the back securely holds their leash. There’s also a D-ring on the chest to attach their ID tags or a light-up collar. No more jangling tags annoying your walking partner!

Safety is also a top concern with the Joytale harness, which is designed to prevent injuries. The no-choke design disperses pressure across the chest instead of the throat when you give a gentle tug on the leash. This protects their trachea and prevents sudden jerking or pulling that could hurt their neck.

With 12 vibrant color options, you can pick a stylish harness to match your dog’s personality. Available in sizes from extra-small to large, it’s ideal for small and medium breed dogs under 40 lbs. Just refer to the easy size chart to find the perfect fit for your furkid.

The Joytale harness makes walks more enjoyable for both you and your four-legged friend. No more wrestling to get it on and off, no more escaped dogs, and no more sore necks from pulling on the leash. Just safe, happy strolls together!

Key Features:

  • Step-in design slips on and off easily
  • Custom fit cradles your dog securely
  • Breathable air mesh fabric keeps them cool
  • Padded vest prevents chafing or rubbing
  • No-choke design protects throat from injury
  • Reflective accents for visibility at night
  • D-ring securely holds leash and tags
  • Available in 12 vibrant colors
  • Ideal for extra-small to medium dogs

Effortless On and Off Convenience

Struggling with a harness that your dog hates is no fun for either of you. The Joytale step-in vest solves this problem with its ingenious yet simple design.

There’s no need to force it over your dog’s head or have them step through and shimmy it up their body. Simply have them step through the leg holes one at a time. Then pull the straps up along their back and click the sturdy buckles into place.

The whole process takes just seconds! Plus, your pup can’t easily wiggle out of the snug custom fit.

Taking the harness off is just as fast for quick potty breaks during walks. Just unclip the buckles and it slides right off. No more headaches or hassles trying to fit a difficult harness onto a squirmy dog!

Cool Comfort with Breathable Fabric

Dogs build up a lot of body heat when walking or playing. If their harness doesn’t allow air circulation, they’ll get hot, itchy and uncomfortable fast.

The Joytale Dog Harness is made from lightweight air mesh fabric that enables air to freely flow in and out. This keeps your pup cool and comfortable even on lengthy walks in the summer heat.

The soft, padded vest also prevents chafing under their arms or on their chest from rubbing and movement. So your dog stays dry and chafe-free instead of being sore and irritated after their daily exercise.

Customized Fit for Small & Medium Dogs

Finding a properly fitted harness is crucial for your dog’s comfort and safety. A loose harness can cause chafing or even allow your dog to back out of it and escape. An overly tight one will be restrictive and uncomfortable.

The Joytale Dog Harness comes in a wide range of sizes from extra-small to large to provide the ideal customized fit for your pooch.

It’s designed for small and medium dog breeds under 40 lbs. Refer to the easy size chart to measure your dog’s chest and neck and determine the perfect size for their unique body shape.

The snug fit ensures the harness stays securely in place without shifting or riding up as your dog moves. So you can have peace of mind knowing they can’t wriggle free.

No-Choke Design for Safety

Letting your dog lunge or pull hard on their leash can cause serious trachea and throat injuries. That’s why the Joytale harness has a no-choke design to safely distribute pressure across their chest instead.

The dual fastening points prevent the straps from tightening on your dog’s delicate throat when you need to gently restrain them. Pressure is dispersed evenly and harmlessly across their upper body.

You’ll have security knowing any sudden jerking won’t cause injuries. Plus, the quick-release buckles allow you to instantly detach the leash in an emergency situation.

Maximum Visibility for Safe Evening Strolls

Don’t let early sunsets or dark mornings stop you from giving your pup their daily outdoor time. The reflective accents on the Joytale harness let you safely walk together at night.

The 360° reflective strips encircling the harness are illuminated by passing headlights. This alerts oncoming traffic to your dog’s presence and location to prevent accidents.

Four additional reflective bands provide increased visibility and give drivers more time to brake when they spot your well-lit walking buddy up ahead.

You can also attach a clip-on LED light to the front D-ring for added brightness. And the adjustable straps mean you can customize the perfect fit with room to layer a reflective vest in the winter months.

Handy Features for Hassle-Free Walks

The Joytale dog harness doesn’t just focus on fit and comfort. It also includes handy features to make your time together even more enjoyable.

The D-ring on the back securely holds your dog’s leash, while the front D-ring is perfect for attaching their ID tags. No more dealing with dangling tags annoying your walking companion!

There’s also a handy loop to conveniently hold used poop bags during your stroll. Just tie the tops into a knot and slide them onto the loop to keep your hands mess-free.

And with 12 vibrant color options like baby blue, pink, purple and teal, you can pick a stylish harness that matches your dog’s unique personality.

Your walks will be happier for both of you when your dog is comfortable, secure and safe. The Joytale harness checks all these boxes and more with its smart design created just for smaller pups.


  • Materials: Breathable Air Mesh, Padding
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Black, Purple, Orange and more
  • Size Range: Extra-Small to Large
  • Dog Breeds: Small and Medium Under 40 lbs
  • Measure Chest and Neck Before Ordering
  • Easy Step-in and Buckle Design
  • Padded Vest Disperses Pressure Evenly
  • D-Ring for Leash and ID Tags
  • Poop Bag Loop for Easy Cleanup

Sizing Chart:

Size Neck Chest
Extra-Small 8.5″ – 11″ 11″ – 14″
Small 11″ – 14″ 14″ – 18″
Medium 14″ – 16.5″ 18″ – 22″
Large 16.5″ – 19.5″ 22″ – 27″

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this harness good for puppies?

While well-fitted and comfortable, we recommend waiting until your puppy is done growing rapidly before using this harness. Their quickly changing puppy body could soon make the fit too tight or loose. Stick to adjustable puppy collars for now.

What breed of dog is this designed for?

The Joytale harness is ideal for small to medium dog breeds under 40 lbs, such as French Bulldogs, Beagles, Boston Terriers, Pugs and Shih Tzus. Refer to the size chart to pick the perfect fit.

Can I attach a leash to both the front and back?

We only recommend attaching your leash to the D-ring on the upper back of the harness for safety and proper fit. The front D-ring is designed solely for ID tags.

Does the buckle release if my dog pulls hard?

No, the buckles are sturdy and securely hold your dog safely in place. Only the quick-release buckles will detach when activated manually.

Take your dog for stress-free walks with the safe, comfy Joytale Step In Dog Harness!


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