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Keep your pup safe and comfortable with the Joytale Reflective Dog Collar. This adjustable nylon collar has highly reflective threads woven throughout to ensure your dog is visible at night. The soft neoprene padding provides cushioning around your dog’s neck, while the quick release buckle makes it easy to get on and off. With 12 stylish colors to choose from, you’ll find the perfect collar for your furry friend!

Reflective Threads For Visibility and Safety

Dog parents know that dusk and nighttime walks are a favorite for energetic pups. Though it’s fun to get in that last bit of activity, it’s crucial that drivers are able to see your pooch to prevent any accidents. That’s why the Joytale collar has reflective threading woven into the nylon material. When light hits these threads, they illuminate to provide increased visibility. No more worrying about your dog disappearing into the night!

The reflective threads stand out wonderfully when illuminated by headlights or flashlights. Drivers will be able to spot your pup from a distance, giving them more time to react. And if you ever need to search for your dog in low light, just shine a flashlight and their collar will light up to reveal their location. The reflective threads are woven throughout the entire collar so visibility is ensured from every angle.

Soft Neoprene Padding for Comfort

While the reflective threads take care of safety, the soft neoprene padding ensures your dog’s comfort. Neoprene is a flexible, waterproof material that provides excellent cushioning and protection. The padding sits against your dog’s neck, acting as a buffer between their skin and the nylon collar material. This prevents any rubbing or irritation, even for dogs with sensitive skin.

The padding also makes the collar lightweight and flexible to move with your dog. Typical nylon collars can feel rough and stiff, while the neoprene allows the Joytale collar to conform to your dog’s neck. Whether they’re running and playing or lounging around, the collar will stay comfy. The neoprene is also quick-drying, so you don’t have to worry about any dampness or odors building up.

Fully Adjustable For Perfect Fit

Finding the right tightness for your dog’s collar is crucial. Too loose and they may slip out, but too tight can be uncomfortable. The Joytale Reflective Collar has a fully adjustable design to provide just the right custom fit. The collar is available in 5 sizes – extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

Once you’ve selected the closest size for your dog, you can use the quick release buckle to fine tune the tightness. The buckle allows you to smoothly tighten or loosen the collar until it’s perfect for your pup. And when it’s time to get the collar on and off, just press the buckle release and it will open wide.

The collar is adjustable within the following length ranges:

X-Small: 8″ – 12″
Small: 12″ – 16″
Medium: 14″ – 20″
Large: 16″ – 24″
X-Large: 18″ – 28″
This wide size range makes it easy to find the ideal fit for any dog, from tiny pups to large breeds. The adjustable design also means the collar will continue to fit comfortably as your dog grows.

Durable Nylon and ABS Plastic Construction

The Joytale dog collar may have a soft padding, but it’s still extremely durable. The nylon material is strong enough to withstand daily use and any puppy chewing. It’s also lightweight and flexible so it won’t weigh your dog down.

The quick release buckle is made from robust ABS plastic that can handle regular opening and closing without any signs of wear. ABS plastic is commonly used for automotive parts, so you can be sure it can handle some rough play. The buckle has smooth rounded edges to prevent any pinching or scratches.

Combine the sturdy nylon and ABS plastic and you’ve got a collar that’s built to last through all of your outdoor adventures. Whether trekking through the woods or splashing in the creek, this collar will hold up. The durable design means you won’t have to replace the collar anytime soon.

Waterproof For All Weather Protection

Between playing in the rain, running through the sprinkler, or swimming at the beach, your dog is bound to get wet. But the Joytale Reflective Collar won’t mind at all. The nylon and neoprene materials are 100% waterproof, making this an all-weather collar.

When your pup gets soaked, the collar won’t absorb any moisture. The quick-drying neoprene padding ensures no dampness or odor builds up. You also don’t have to worry about the reflective threads rusting or losing visibility. Wet or dry, this collar will still be visible and comfy.

The collar is also ready for any season. The neoprene provides insulation to keep your dog warm in the winter, while the breathable nylon prevents overheating in the summer. From snow days to beach trips, your pup can stay comfy and safe.

Tough Yet Stylish Design

While the Joytale Reflective Collar prioritizes safety and comfort, it still manages to look great on your pup. The woven nylon has a sleek, sporty appearance that suits energetic pups who love the outdoors. It comes in 12 vibrant colors like blue, green, orange and pink so you can pick the perfect shade to complement your dog’s personality and style.

The reflective threading is subtly woven into the collar, so it blends in during the day but shines bright at night. And the smooth neoprene layer adds a pop of color underneath. Whether they’re big or small, your dog will look great in this eye-catching collar that keeps them protected.

Choose From 5 Sizes For Perfect Fit

The Joytale Reflective Collar is available in 5 sizes to provide an adjustable custom fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes:

X-Small: Designed for dogs with necks 8″ – 12″ in circumference
Small: For dogs with necks 12″ – 16″ in circumference
Medium: For dogs with necks 14″ – 20″ in circumference
Large: For dogs with necks 16″ – 24″ in circumference
X-Large: For dogs with necks 18″ – 28″ in circumference
The small to medium sizes work great for smaller breed dogs like chihuahuas, dachshunds, and French bulldogs. The large and x-large sizes accommodate bigger dogs such as labs, retrievers, huskies, and German shepherds.

And with the fully adjustable slide buckle, you can customize the tightness. Just be sure to measure your dog’s neck and refer to the sizing chart to select the closest size. Then adjust from there until the collar fits comfortably and securely. With the wide size range, you’re sure to find a perfect match for your pup.

One Collar For Day and Night

The Joytale Reflective Collar truly takes your dog from day to night. During the day, the vibrant nylon and neoprene look stylish for walks, playtime, or just hanging out. When dusk settles and night falls, the reflective threading kicks in and illuminates your pup.

You don’t need to swap out collars as the sun goes down. And you won’t be stuck searching for a reflective vest or strap before a night walk. The visibility is built right into the Joytale collar for round-the-clock protection.

The collar is also easy to care for day and night. The waterproof, quick-drying materials can simply be wiped clean as needed. Give it an occasional wash if it gets extra dirty. Avoid bleach or fabric softener, and air dry to maintain the reflective threads and padding.

Reflect Your Pup’s Unique Personality

Your dog’s personality shines as bright as the Joytale Reflective Collar. That’s why the collar comes in a vibrant assortment of 12 colors to match your unique pup.

Choose from energetic shades like fluorescent green, electric blue, and neon orange. Or go for cooler tones like mint, lilac and slate grey. There’s also classic black and earthy oatmeal and cocoa. With so many options, you can pick just the right color that sets off your dog’s own distinctive look and spirit.

The colors also make it easy to identify your dog from a distance. At the dog park or a group walk, your pup’s colorful collar will stand out. The bright colors complement the reflective threading to keep your dog visible both day and night.

Designed For Ultimate Durability

Dog parents know that collars take a lot of wear and tear. From everyday walks to outdoor romping, your pup’s collar needs to be able to hold up. That’s why the Joytale Reflective Collar is designed with strength in mind.

The nylon material is a robust weave that resists fraying and withstands chewing and snags. The threads won’t unravel or stretch out of shape even with constant tugging and playing. And the smooth neoprene layer adds an extra layer of protection around your dog’s neck.

The quick release buckle is also built to last. Made from sturdy ABS plastic, it handles regular fastening and unfastening without cracking or breaking. The smooth, rounded edges prevent chips that could scratch your dog’s neck.

No matter how rowdy your pup gets, you can count on this collar to hold up. The premium durable construction ensures it will keep your dog comfy, visible and stylish for years to come. When it’s time to get a new collar, it will be because your dog has outgrown it – not because the collar has worn out!

Designed For Daily Use

The Joytale Reflective Collar isn’t just for special occasions – it’s ready for daily use. The durable nylon and neoprene stand up to regular wear. Feel free to keep it on your dog everyday for their walks, playtime, or just hanging out around the house.

The quick release buckle makes it easy to remove the collar when needed. Bathing and grooming are a breeze since the collar can come off and go back on in seconds. The adjustable design will keep that perfect custom fit day after day.

And since the materials are waterproof and quick-drying, it’s no problem if your dog gets wet on a walk or playing in the yard. Simply wipe or rinse clean to refresh. With such low maintenance and easy on/off, this collar simplifies your daily routine.

Innovative Visibility Technology

What sets the Joytale Reflective Collar apart is the innovative reflective technology woven into the nylon threads. The manufacturer uses a specialized process to bond the reflective fibers directly to the nylon material. This results in 360° visibility as light bounces off the threads in every direction.

The 3M and CE certified reflective fibers are also extremely durable. They maintain their illumination even afterrepeat washing and wear. And since they’re woven directly into the collar, they won’t peel, chip or flake off like other reflective strips.

The technology also allows the collar to maintain its normal look and feel during the daytime. The reflective fibers blend discreetly into the color designs. There’s no extra bulk or material weighing the collar down. At night, the threads shine while the collar remains lightweight and flexible.

With this innovative illumination technology, the Joytale Reflective Collar provides round-the-clock protection unlike any other collar. Your pup will stay visible and stylish no matter when or where your adventures take you.

Designed By Dog Lovers

As fellow dog parents, the designers at Joytale understand the importance of a high quality, safe collar. They used their own experiences and feedback from other pet parents to create the ultimate reflective dog collar.

The brand strives for both innovation and sustainability. They know dog owners want cutting edge features like reflective technology. But it must be done responsibly and ethically to protect our furry friends and the planet.

That’s why Joytale collars use eco-friendly dyes and responsibly sourced nylon. The reflective fibers are specially engineered to be durable yet non-toxic. And the collars are designed to last instead of being disposable. This reduces waste while keeping pups protected walk after walk.

When you choose a Joytale product, you can feel good knowing it was crafted by dog lovers with your pup’s happiness and safety as a top priority. Your furry family member gets an innovative collar designed just for them.

Responsible Product Safety

While the Joytale reflective collar keeps your dog visible, the company takes additional steps to ensure your pup stays safe and comfortable all day long.

The nylon material meets the Oeko-Tex standard for tested safe textiles. This means the collar has been independently tested and verified to be free of harmful chemicals. The dyes and treatments are non-toxic and pup-friendly.

The reflective threading technology is also specially designed to be durable yet completely safe. The fibers contain no lead or other dangerous metals. They are non-irritating and withstand chewing or scratching without releasing particles.

In addition, all Joytale collars undergo rigorous safety testing. They are put through repeated washing, wearing, and even chewing tests. This ensures the reflective properties and structural integrity hold up over time. Only collars that pass these tests are approved for sale.

With thoroughly evaluated materials and manufacturing, you can have confidence the collar will keep your dog protected without posing any health risks. Safe, innovative technology so you and your pup can focus solely on enjoying each adventure.

Simple Yet Sophisticated Style

The Joytale Reflective Collar has an understated elegance that looks gorgeous on any breed. The subtly shimmering reflective threads are woven tastefully throughout the durable nylon weave. This provides crucial visibility without being gaudy or over-the-top.

The muted color palette options keep the overall look refined. Choose from soft heather gray, slate blue, and rich espresso. Or make a sophisticated statement with wine red or deep emerald collars. There’s even classic black that looks sleek on any dog.

The neoprene padding adds a pop of color against the neutral nylon. For smaller dogs, the extra layer of color around their necks complements their petite frames. It’s an eye-catching detail that elevates the collar’s simple styling.

With options for any breed, the Joytale Reflective Collar provides sophisticated protection. Now your beloved dog can stay safe while looking their absolute best on daily strolls or weekend adventures.

Joytale Quality You Can Trust

When it comes to your pup, you want quality you can trust. That’s what you get with Joytale, a leading maker of innovative dog accessories since 2016.

The brand’s designers have a true love and devotion to dogs. They pour that passion into creating products that are both purposeful and stylish. All Joytale collars, leashes, harnesses and more are engineered for comfort, safety, and durability.

Their manufacturing facilities adhere to strict quality control. Only premium materials that meet rigorous testing make it into Joytale products. State of the art construction ensures the highest levels of function, fit and performance.

The Joytale commitment to quality has earned the trust of dog owners worldwide. The brand has shipped over one million collars, leashes, toys and other accessories to happy pups and their parents. Bring home the Joytale difference today for your beloved companion.

Keep Your Pup Happy and Protected

Your dog brings you unlimited joy and companionship. Return the favor by keeping them safe and comfortable with the Joytale Reflective Collar. The reflective threads, cozy padding, and adjustable fit work together to protect your pup.

Choose from a spectrum of colors and sizes for your perfect match. The durable construction ensures the collar will stay bright, snug and lightweight through every adventure. Joytale’s commitment to quality technology and responsible manufacturing gives you peace of mind.

Make walks, playtime, and adventures safer while showing off your dog’s colorful personality. The Joytale Reflective Collar has everything you need to keep your furry friend happy, stylish and visible both day and night. Bring home the ultimate collar for the ultimate companion in your life.


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