Joytale Light Up Dog Collars – Keep Your Pup Safe and Stylish on Nighttime Walks


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Does your beloved canine companion tend to wander off into the darkness on evening strolls? Do cars and bicyclists have a hard time spotting your precious pooch on poorly-lit streets? Give your dog the gift of visibility and security with the Joytale Light Up Dog Collar.

This rechargeable LED dog collar illuminates your dog with a bright halo of light in 9 different modes. Switch between steady white, red, green, and blue light or choose from 3 dazzling multi-color flashing modes. With the Joytale light up collar, drivers and pedestrians will clearly see your dog up to 1/4 mile away, even on the darkest country roads.

Key Features:

  • 9 lighting modes – steady white, red, green, blue + 3 flashing multi-color modes
  • USB rechargeable 400mAh battery lasts 6-8 hours (charges in just 1 hour)
  • Durable waterproof and rainproof design
  • Soft silicone is gentle on your dog’s neck
  • Fully adjustable sizing with buckle & D-ring

Illuminate Your Dog’s Nighttime Walks

Don’t risk your dog’s safety on dimly-lit evening walks and potty breaks. The Joytale light up collar transforms your pup into a shining beacon of visibility. With 16 bright LEDs embedded into the durable silicone collar, drivers will immediately notice your dog from up to 1/4 mile away.

The LEDs emit a 300 lumen halo that shines in a full 360° radius around your dog’s neck. Passing cars and bicyclists will have plenty of time to spot your illuminated canine companion, even on winding roads and paths.

Rechargeable USB Battery Lasts Up to 8 Hours

The Joytale LED dog collar has a built-in rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery that offers 6-8 hours of runtime on a single 1 hour charge. Using the included USB charging cable, simply plug the collar into any USB port or wall adapter. The battery indicator light lets you know when it’s fully juiced up and ready for your dog’s next night walk.

Thanks to the long-lasting battery, you can take your dog on extended evening walks without worrying about the LEDs losing power. The USB charging capability also means you can charge it using your laptop, car, external battery pack, or any device with a USB port.

Lightweight, Adjustable Silicone Design

Your dog’s comfort is top priority. That’s why the Joytale LED dog collar is made from flexible silicone rather than rigid plastic. The gentle silicone material won’t irritate your dog’s skin or fur. It flexes and moves with your dog’s neck as he runs and plays.

For the perfect custom fit, the collar is easily adjustable using the sturdy metal D-ring and buckle closure. Just slide the strap through to tighten or loosen as needed to fit snugly around your dog’s neck. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes from teacup pups to large breeds like retrievers and shepherds. No need to buy multiple sizes!

Waterproof for Rainy Walks

Don’t let rainy weather stop your dog’s daily exercise and relief walks. The Joytale LED dog collar is made from durable waterproof silicone that stands up to rain, snow, and splashes. The LEDs will continue shining bright even in wet conditions.

When Mother Nature brings stormy weather, your dog will stay dry, comfortable, and clearly visible on his glowing evening walks. No need to skip walks or risk your dog’s safety on dark, slippery streets.

Cut the Collar to Fit Your Dog Perfectly

For a tailored fit, simply cut the collar strap to your dog’s ideal size. Use scissors to snip off any excess length so the collar sits perfectly around your dog’s neck. No need to worry about fraying – the edges won’t unravel after cutting thanks to the durable silicone material.

Get the custom fit your dog deserves without the hassle of pre-sizing. Just place the collar around your dog’s neck, mark where to cut for an ideal fit, then snip for a collar that’s sized just right.

Choose from 9 Mesmerizing LED Light Modes

Why stick to just one color when you can illuminate your dog in a rainbow of fun flashing colors? The Joytale LED dog collar features 9 mesmerizing light modes to suit any mood or occasion:

  • Steady Modes: White, Red, Green, Blue
  • Flashing Modes: Red/Blue/Green flashing, 7 Color breathing, 7 Color flashing

Simply long-press the power button to turn the collar on. Short press to cycle through the different modes. Choose single colors for a sophisticated nighttime look. Or captivate with the multi-color flashing modes that make it impossible for drivers to miss your dog!

One Collar for Daytime and Night

Ditch the bulky reflective vest or strap. The Joytale LED dog collar does double duty as daytime walking collar and nighttime light-up collar. During daylight hours, your dog can wear the collar without any lights – just like an everyday dog collar. Then power on the lights when it’s time for evening strolls.

Let your dog strut in style with the same comfortable collar morning and night. The sleek, lightweight Joytale collar adds a touch of personality without the bulk of temporary reflective gear.

Take Full Control with the Handy On/Off Switch

Tired of fumbling with tiny buttons just to turn your dog’s collar on and off? The Joytale LED dog collar features an easy on/off switch right on the collar. Simply slide the switch forward or back to power the collar on or off in an instant.

The strategic switch placement makes it easy to turn the lights off during car rides or whenever your dog doesn’t need extra illumination. No more struggling with hard-to-find buttons before and after walks.

Keep Your Best Friend Safe in Any Conditions

Don’t risk your dog’s safety because of poor visibility on night walks. Drivers need extra time to see and react to dark-colored pets strolling off-leash or darting across streets. The Joytale LED dog collar turns your dog into a shining beacon – rain or shine!

Let the Joytale dog collar give you peace of mind knowing cars and bicyclists will see your beloved companion from a safe distance. Make sure your pup gets the daily exercise he needs without compromising nighttime safety.

The Joytale LED dog collar makes walks more fun, while giving you both the security of 360° visibility. Order today for your glow-in-the-dark adventures!


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