Joytale 2 Pack Airtag Dog Collar Holder – Add GPS Tracking to Your Pet’s Collar


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Is your furry friend an escape artist? Do they love going on outdoor adventures but you worry about them getting lost? Add peace of mind with the Joytale 2 Pack Airtag Dog Collar Holder! Designed exclusively for Apple’s Airtag tracking devices, these innovative holders effortlessly attach an Airtag to your dog’s collar so you can use your iPhone to track their location 24/7.

Easy On, Easy Off Design

Slip these holders onto any collar up to 1.2 inches wide in seconds thanks to the flexible slide-on loop design. The durable silicone construction wraps around the collar and moves with your dog without ever slipping off. Dirt, debris and water easily rinse off the waterproof silicone after walks. These are so easy to use – just slide on, pop in the Airtag, and go!

Stays Secure During Adventures

Whether your dog is trotting around the neighborhood, running and playing at the park, or trekking to their favorite hiking trails, this holder keeps the Airtag securely in place. The tight fit and innovative silicon loop firmly adheres onto nylon, leather, or other collar materials without budging. Unlike some bulky holders, the slim, lightweight profile lays flat and comfortable against your dog’s neck.

Full Protection for the Airtag

Never worry about scratches, bumps, or damage to the Airtag with this protective holder. The thoughtful design completely wraps around the Airtag with a 1mm raised edge to protect the front and back. The adorable paw print detail adds style while also keeping the Airtag off direct contact with the collar. Your investment stays looking new for longer.

Simple Setup for Your Pet

Gone are the days of collars loaded down with bulky tags and accessories. This streamlined holder only adds 3.5 ounces of weight – perfect for pets big or small. Just:

  1. Slide open the silicone loop
  2. Pop in the Airtag into the designated slot
  3. Place onto collar and close loop

It takes just seconds to start tracking your pet’s outdoor adventure! No tools or tricky adjustments needed.

Find Your Dog Quick with Precision Finding

The Joytale Holder pairs seamlessly with the Apple Find My app using Precision Finding. Open the app anytime to see your pet’s location on a map. Enable Lost Mode to be notified when your dog leaves a designated area. You’ll get a helpful map right to their location.

A MUST for Adventurous Dogs

  • Escape artists who love backyard adventures
  • Fast and curious pups who tend to wander
  • Dogs left in the backyard while you’re at work
  • Senior dogs who may get disoriented
  • Pets who love hiking off-leash

You shouldn’t have to constantly worry when your dog is out exploring and having fun. With the Joytale Airtag Holder, your mind is at ease knowing you can instantly locate your best friend if they ever get lost during an outdoor adventure.

Customers Love This Ingenious Yet Simple Product

“I never knew about Airtags until I saw this product. I bought 2 for each of my dogs and it gave me peace of mind when they are out playing in the yard. I love being able to check where they are anytime from my phone.” – Jess, Texas

“These holders kept the Airtag securely on during our entire weekend camping trip in the mountains. Even with all the running, swimming, and hiking, I didn’t have to ever worry about losing the signal.” – Ron D., Colorado

“Really impressed with the durability. We’ve been using them for 3 months now and take our dogs hiking every weekend. They still look brand new!” – Amanda and James, Oregon

Start Tracking Your Pups Location Today

Keep your dogs safe on their outdoor romps and adventures with the simple but effective Joytale 2 Pack Airtag Dog Collar Holder. The secure fit keeps the Airtag snug on any collar so you always know your dog’s location. For less than $15, enjoy peace of mind and convenience when it comes to your furry friend’s safety.


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