JOPOY Hands Free Dog Leash – The Ultimate in Comfort and Control for You and Your Dog


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Tired of being dragged around by your dog on walks? Stop the pulling and gain complete control over your pup with the JOPOY Hands Free Dog Leash. This innovative leash allows you to walk, run, or hike with your dog hands-free by wearing the leash across your body. The freedom of movement makes walking your dog so much easier and more enjoyable.

The JOPOY leash is made from high-quality, durable nylon that can withstand even the strongest pullers. The 9.8ft length gives your dog plenty of room to explore while keeping them safe by your side. And with the rustproof metal clasps, you can quickly detach your dog or convert the leash for two dog walks.

Walk, Jog or Run Hands-Free

Slip the padded, adjustable shoulder strap over your head and wear it across your chest. Your dog’s leash attaches to a sturdy O-ring on the strap so you can walk, jog or run without holding a leash. The hands-free design gives you full range of motion while keeping your dog close. No more sore hands or tangled leashes!

Control Dogs up to 110lbs

The JOPOY leash is made from durable nylon webbing that can withstand pull pressure over 1,100lbs. It’s perfect for controlling large and extra large breed dogs up to 110lbs. The advanced strength means no more broken leashes or unruly dogs taking you for a ride.

Convert to Double Dog Leash

This versatile leash easily converts to handle two dogs at once. Simply detach one of the clasps and attach two leashes. Now you can walk both dogs comfortably without getting tangled up.

Adjustable Strap & Leash Length

The shoulder strap is fully adjustable from 25 to 39 inches to fit men, women and kids of all sizes. You can also quickly adjust the leash length from short 4.9ft to long 9.8ft. Find the perfect fit for your dog’s walking needs.

Reflective Stitching for Safety

Be safe walking your dog anytime with the reflective stitching that runs the full length of the leash. The reflective material helps keep you visible to drivers when walking at night or in low light conditions.

Leather Wrapped Hardware

The JOPOY leash stands out with quality details like the leather wrapped metal O-rings and clips. Not only does it look great, but it helps protect your hands from the hard metal. The rust-proof clips also smoothly swivel 360° to prevent tangled messes.

Multi-Use Functionality

With its adjustable length and convertible design, this leash is extremely versatile for all your dog activities:

  • Hands-free walking, jogging and running
  • Regular leash with hand grip
  • Dual dog leash for two pups
  • Tie out stake to secure your dog outside
  • Training leash for obedience commands
  • Safety leash to prevent pulling and jumping

One leash does it all!

Designed for Durability

From the premium nylon webbing to the heavy-duty clasps, this leash is made to last. The internal fiber core helps prevent knotting and fraying while the rope itself is super easy to clean. Just wipe mud and dirt off after walks.

Thanks to the top-notch materials and construction, the JOPOY Hands Free Dog Leash can handle years of regular use. Your investment is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Choose From 8 Fun Colors

This practical dog leash also brings some flair with 8 vibrant color options:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Green
  • Rainbow

Match your dog’s collar, personality or your own style.

Take Your Dog for a Walk, Not the Other Way Around

Stop struggling with your dog on walks. The JOPOY Hands Free Dog Leash gives you total control so you can both enjoy your time together outdoors. Your dog gets to sniff, explore and play, while you get a comfortable, tangle-free walking experience.

Order the JOPOY leash today and take your dog for a walk instead of the other way around!


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