JIPIMON Dog Collar Extra Links to Extend Your Herm Sprenger Training Collar


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Is your puppy outgrowing their Herm Sprenger training collar? Are they pulling on walks, making that collar too tight around their neck? Don’t buy a whole new collar – just extend the one you have with the JIPIMON Dog Collar Extra Links!

These high quality stainless steel links are specially designed to work with the Herm Sprenger dog training collars. They easily connect to extend the length, giving your dog more room to grow into it.

Give Your Growing Pup More Space

Puppies grow incredibly fast! One moment they fit their collar just right, and practically overnight it becomes snug or even tight.

A too-small collar can be dangerous and restrict breathing. It can also cause discomfort, which leads to more pulling and problems on walks.

With the JIPIMON links, you can quickly and easily add length as needed. Just connect 1-4 links to give your pup up to 5 extra inches of space.

No more choking or gagging! Your dog will be comfortable while continuing their training.

High Quality Steel Links

JIPIMON uses top-notch stainless steel to create strong, sturdy links. Each link measures 2.25 mm, the ideal size to connect with Herm Sprenger chain collars.

The smooth steel won’t snag their fur or scratch their skin. It also resists rust and corrosion, remaining shiny and new-looking for years of walks.

While lightweight, these small but mighty links hold up through big pulls, constant activity, and even aggressive chewers. They’ll stand the test of time and rambunctious pups!

Safety First

Here at JIPIMON, dog safety is our top concern. We expertly craft each link with rounded edges to prevent cuts or scratches.

The smooth surface also protects your furniture, floors, and walls from damage. No more accidentally banging that metal buckle into woodwork and causing dents or scratches!

Provide your dog a collar that keeps them secure but doesn’t pose any hazards to them or your home. Our links let them focus on positive behavior instead of discomfort.

Simple and Convenient

Adding length to your Herm Sprenger collar takes just seconds. Simply connect 1-4 links between the collar and buckle for an extra 1 1/5 to 5 inches.

No need to remove the whole collar or deal with any complex adjustments. Just pop the links on and you’re done!

The JIPIMON pack includes 4 links so you’ll always have spares on hand. No more searching for links or waiting for shipping when your pup has another growth spurt.

Train Your Dog in Comfort

A properly fitted collar is essential for effective leash training. When sized right, your dog can focus fully on your guidance rather than being distracted by an uncomfortable fit.

The Herm Sprenger design applies even pressure around the neck to discourage pulling. But it only works properly when it’s not too tight!

With the collar links from JIPIMON, you can continue using the top quality Herm Sprenger brand while ensuring it adapts to your growing puppy.

No need to buy a whole new collar or sacrifice great training. Just add more length as needed for a perfect fit.

Order Your Links Today!

Give your beloved dog the most comfortable training with JIPIMON’s collar links. We provide the simple solution of adding length when those growth spurts hit.

Click Add to Cart now to order your pack of durable stainless steel Herm Sprenger collar links today. We can’t wait for you and your pup to enjoy hassle-free walks and positive training with the perfect fitting collar!


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