JERK-EASE Bungee Dog Leash Shock Absorber – veterinarian recommended for dogs up to 60lbs


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Is your dog constantly pulling on the leash, jerking your arm and causing pain? Put an end to leash-pulling injuries with the JERK-EASE Bungee Dog Leash Shock Absorber.

This innovative leash attachment absorbs the shock of sudden pulls and jerks to protect you and your dog from harm. The JERK-EASE features an optimal stretch bungee cord that cushions forceful lunges without compromising control and stability.

Veterinarians, physicians, chiropractors, dog trainers and behavior experts all recommend the JERK-EASE for its ability to prevent:

  • Neck, shoulder and back injuries
  • Arm and hand strain
  • Leash burn and rope wounds
  • Loss of control over strong pullers

The JERK-EASE underwent extensive field testing by US Military and Police K9 units. Their German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and other working breeds need protection from repetitive stress injuries. JERK-EASE passed with flying colors.

Lightweight and durable, the JERK-EASE absorber is easy to attach to any leash. Just clip it on and you’re protected against sudden pulling forces. The U.S. patented design provides the perfect amount of stretch to cushion jerks without compromising your control over even the strongest dogs up to 60lbs.

Benefits of the JERK-EASE Bungee Dog Leash Shock Absorber:

  • Protects your shoulders, elbows, hands and back – Absorbs jolts from lunging, pulling and jerking.
  • Prevents rope burn & leash injuries – Adds 12 inches of cushioning stretch to reduce leash tension.
  • Easy attachment – Clips onto any leash in seconds.
  • Retains leash control – Bungee only stretches 12 inches to prevent loss of control.
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip – Keeps hands protected during sudden pulling forces.
  • Reflective trim for safety – Increases nighttime visibility.
  • Lightweight and durable – Only weighs 2.4oz but built to last.
  • Veterinarian recommended – Trusted by pet health experts across the U.S.
  • Field tested by K9 professionals – Used by Military, Police and SAR dogs.
  • Made in the USA – Supports American workers and manufacturing.

Fits Dogs Up To 60lbs

The JERK-EASE Bungee Dog Leash Shock Absorber comes in 4 sizes to provide the optimal stretch resistance for dogs of all strengths and sizes:

  • Toy Size – For dogs up to 15 lbs
  • Small Size – For dogs 15-40 lbs
  • Medium Size – For dogs 40-60 lbs
  • Large Size – For dogs 60-100 lbs

This listing is for the Medium JERK-EASE model designed for dogs weighing 40 to 60 lbs. It provides the perfect stretch resistance for strong, athletic breeds in this size range. Medium features 12 inches of gentle bungee stretch to cushion forceful pulls without compromising your control.

JERK-EASE is a Must for:

  • Leash training and walking puppies
  • Jogging or running with high energy breeds
  • Hiking with dogs who tend to lunge at wildlife
  • Biking or skating with dogs prone to pulling
  • Senior pet parents unable to restrain sudden jerks
  • People recovering from shoulder/elbow injuries
  • Training police dogs, military dogs or SAR dogs
  • Rehabilitating dogs with behavior issues

Customer Reviews

“The JerkEase leash has been a life saver! I have a 75 lb rescued pit bull who would constantly pull and jerk on walks. Now our walks are finally relaxed and calm without the constant jerking motions. I highly recommend this leash attachment.” – Sara D.

“I wish I had found this product sooner. My dog has two speeds – full speed and stop. The JerkEase makes our walks so much more pleasant for both me and my pup!” – James R.

“My veterinarian recommended the JerkEase after I complained about shoulder and elbow pain from walking my dog. It has made a huge difference and absorbed so much shock and force from her lunging and pulling. It was worth every penny.” – Julie P.

Protect yourself and your best friend with the JERK-EASE Bungee Dog Leash Shock Absorber. Order today and take the jerk out of walking your high-energy dog up to 60lbs. Made in USA.


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