JATEBI Personalized Pet ID Tags – The Stylish & Durable Way to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe


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Is your furry best friend prone to wandering off on adventures without you? Do you worry what might happen if they ever got lost? Give yourself peace of mind by getting them a stylish and personalized pet ID tag from JATEBI. These engraved tags ensure your pet’s safety and make sure they can always find their way back home.

Durable Stainless Steel Design That Lasts

JATEBI pet tags are crafted from high-quality stainless steel that is built to last. The durable metal withstands the elements and stands up to daily wear and tear. The tags won’t easily bend, warp or fade over time. The laser engraved text is guaranteed to stay crisp and clear no matter how many adventures your pet has.

Fully Customizable for Your Pet

Make your tag unique by customizing it with your pet’s name, your name, address and phone number. Each tag can be engraved on both sides with up to 4 lines of text and 20 characters per line. The front highlights your pet’s name while the back includes all the essential contact details someone would need to get your pet home safe.

Eye-Catching & Easy to Read

Don’t just choose any boring tag, give your pet one with style! JATEBI tags come in a trendy bone shape in a range of color options. The shape and bold text ensure the tag will stand out and be easily spotted. If your pet ever gets lost, you want someone to immediately notice their ID tag. The engraved text is also large and clear enough for anyone to read from a distance.

Lightweight Comfort & Safety

Your pet’s comfort is a top concern, and JATEBI tags won’t weigh them down. The lightweight stainless steel design ensures the tag is durable but without any extra bulk. The smooth edges keep the tag from irritating your pet’s skin as well. Opt for the lobster clasp attachment to easily take the tag on and off without having to fuss with breaking nails.

The Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

A customized pet ID tag makes for a thoughtful gift for any pet owner. It’s both stylish and practical – something they will appreciate and use daily. The tag helps give any pet parent peace of mind knowing their furry family member is protected. Hanging on a collar or harness, it makes it easy for anyone who finds their pet to contact the owner.

Get Your Pet a Personalized ID Tag Today!

Don’t let your pet go another day without a way to get back home if they ever get lost. JATEBI makes it easy and affordable to get them a sturdy and stylish tag designed to last. Simply choose your favorite color, customize the text, and you’ll have a quality ID tag shipped right to your door. Your pet’s safety is a top priority, so give yourself peace of mind by equipping them with a personalized ID tag today.


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