JANEMO Mini Brass Bell for Dog Collar – Stylish Yet Functional Bell to Keep Track of Your Dog


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Is your energetic pup always darting ahead on walks? Do they love exploring every nook and cranny, making them hard to keep track of? Don’t lose sight of your four-legged friend again with the JANEMO Mini Brass Bell for Dog Collars.

This stylish bell attaches easily to your dog’s collar, letting you hear their location when they’re on the move. The mini brass bell has a classic look that complements any collar while also serving the functional purpose of keeping your dog from sneaking off undetected.

With its small but mighty design, this bell won’t weigh your dog down or become a nuisance. But it will allow you to relax knowing exactly where your adventurous companion is at all times. Plus, the pleasant jingling sound from the JANEMO bell as your dog trots along will put a smile on your face.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable Brass Construction – Made from solid brass, this bell is built to withstand energetic dogs and frequent use outdoors.
  • Compact 0.55-inch Size – The mini design won’t add unnecessary weight or bulk to your dog’s collar.
  • Lobster Clasp Attachment – Effortlessly secures the bell to any dog collar thanks to the sturdy stainless steel clasp.
  • Louder than Average Bell – The brass material produces a louder, more noticeable jingle compared to plastic bells.
  • Complementary Finish – The bright brass pairs well with leather and nylon dog collars.
  • Keeps Your Dog Close – No more losing track of wandering pups thanks to the bell’s sound.
  • Fun Sound – The pleasant ringing will make walks more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

JANEMO Mini Brass Bell for Dog Collar

No More Sneaking Off

Does your dog think every walk is a chance to explore the entire neighborhood unattended? Some pups love roaming wherever their nose takes them, which can quickly turn a simple stroll down the street into a game of hide-and-seek.

End the chase with a JANEMO mini brass bell on your dog’s collar. The bell announces your dog’s movement, so you’ll always know when they are on the run. No more constantly looking over your shoulder or racing to catch up with your adventurous companion.

Stay Close in Style

This bell isn’t just functional – it also looks great on your dog. The classic brass design complements leather and nylon collars without clashing. Unlike bulky plastic bells, this compact bell won’t look out of place or overwhelm delicate collars.

The JANEMO Mini Brass Bell adds a touch of sophistication while serving its important purpose. And your dog will garner even more compliments and attention on their handsome bell-adorned collar when you take them out.

Built Tough for Active Dogs

Don’t let the mini size fool you – this bell is made to withstand energetic dogs. Constructed from solid brass, it can handle life outdoors and bounce back from rough play.

The sturdy lobster clasp securely attaches the bell to your dog’s collar without fail. It won’t unexpectedly detach even if your dog goes barreling through dense brush during adventures.

While smartly designed for durability, the bell remains lightweight so it won’t wear your dog down. The compact 0.55-inch size is tailored for comfort, so your dog can proudly wear their bell all day long.

Hear Them Coming from Afar

Never lose track of your four-legged friend again thanks to the JANEMO bell and its loud, ringing sound. The brass construction amplifies the volume well beyond cheaper plastic bells.

You’ll appreciate the louder jingle when your pooch is roaming yards ahead on the trail or sniffing their way through tall grass at the park. Even if they are out of sight, this bell keeps your dog’s location known.

The pleasant chime will make your walks together more enjoyable too. Let the cheerful jingling remind you to slow down and savor your strolls.

Get Peace of Mind with JANEMO

Know exactly where your dog is during daily adventures with the JANEMO Mini Brass Bell for Dog Collars. The stylish yet functional design is ideal for energetic pups who love roaming free.

The loud brass bell announces your dog’s location so they stay safely within earshot. Never lose your best friend on a walk again with this essential collar accessory.

JANEMO provides exceptional customer service and backs their dog collar bell with a money-back guarantee. Get walking with confidence by ordering the JANEMO bell today!


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