iYoShop Durable 6 FT Slip Lead Training Leash for Large and Medium Dogs


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Give your dog the freedom to explore while maintaining complete control during walks and training with the iYoShop Durable 6 FT Slip Lead Dog Leash. This versatile leash is specially designed for medium and large dog breeds weighing 18-120 lbs.

Made with high-quality rock climbing rope and a sturdy metal clasp, this leash is built to last through years of daily use. The strong woven nylon material and heavy duty metal hook can withstand pulling from even the strongest dogs. You’ll have confidence that this leash can handle your active canine companion without fraying or breaking.

Walking and training your dog just got a whole lot more comfortable thanks to the padded handle on this leash. Unlike traditional thin rope leashes that can dig into your hands, the padded handle lets you firmly grip the leash without irritation. The cushioned handle is easily adjustable to give you customized control based on your dog’s size and strength.

One of the biggest perks of using a slip lead leash is the ability to quickly adjust the length. This leash can extend up to 6 feet long to give your dog freedom to explore and sniff during walks. When you need to regain control, a simple pull tightens the lead around your dog’s neck to get them back by your side. Transition seamlessly between relaxed walking and maintaining training focus.

Don’t let the sun go down on your daily dog walk. Built-in reflective threads running throughout the leash ensure 360° visibility at night. Drivers can easily spot you and your pup during late evening and early morning walks as the reflective threads brightly shine when illuminated. Now you can confidently keep up your walking routine year-round regardless of the time of day.

Perfect for use during walks, training sessions, or backyard playtime, this leash provides the ideal combo of freedom and restraint. Give your dog room to wander and sniff without tangling their legs, then gently correct pulling or distracted behavior with a simple tug. This leash makes training much easier by giving you complete flexible control.

Tangled messes are a thing of the past thanks to the simplistic rope design. The smooth nylon easily slides past branches and obstacles during walks rather than snagging like traditional leashes. Cleaning off dirt and mud takes just a quick rinse. Bring this durable leash along whether strolling downtown or hiking through the woods.

You’ll also appreciate the padded handle during long walks or when your dog is pulling. The soft cushion protects your hands from irritation or rope burns you’d experience with basic rope leashes. Your hands stay comfortable holding this leash even when your dog is at full strength and energy.

Don’t settle for flimsy basic leashes that fray and snap over time. The iYoShop Durable Dog Slip Lead is made with tough climbing rope designed for strength, durability, and security. The heavy-duty metal clasp securely attaches to your dog’s collar without bending or breaking. Buy with confidence knowing this leash is made to last.

Experience better control and convenience during dog walks and training with the iYoShop Durable 6 FT Slip Lead Dog Leash. The adjustable rope design, padded handle, and reflective threading make this leash a must-have for dog owners. Maintain security and get the most out of time with your furry friend.


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