iYoPets Double Dog Leash with Two Extra Traffic Handles for No Pull Walking of Two Dogs


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Tired of tangled leashes and out of control dogs during walks? We have the perfect solution for you – the iYoPets Double Dog Leash!

Walking two dogs at once can be a hassle, especially if they have a tendency to cross and tangle the leashes. The innovative 360° swivel clasp on the iYoPets leash prevents this tangled mess by allowing each leash to move independently without getting twisted up. No more frustrated untangling mid-walk!

This leash also features two traffic control handles in addition to the two hand grips at the end. These extra handles give you more control over exuberant pups who have a tendency to pull or lunge unexpectedly. The handles make it easy to reign them back in and maintain order. No more arm straining tugs!

To provide even more freedom of movement, the iYoPets leash has a bungee extension that can stretch from 20 to 35 inches. This gives your dogs room to explore and move while keeping them secure. The bungee helps absorb shock from sudden pulling or quick movements, reducing jarring on your arm. It’s great for energetic pups who need a little more wiggle room.

Despite its flexibility, this leash is made of durable climbing rope and industrial strength woven nylon so it can withstand daily use with rambunctious dogs. The rope provides superior grip while the nylon smoothly glides to prevent tangling. Cleaning off dirt is a breeze.

Additional features include:

  • Padded handles for comfort grip without hand strain
  • Reflective threading for visibility on night walks
  • Secure zinc alloy swivel clasp connectors
  • Adjusts to fit dogs 18-120 lbs

Walking two dogs at once has never been easier thanks to the smart design of the iYoPets double dog leash. No more tangled messes or abrupt yanks on your arm. Just smooth, comfortable control.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features and benefits:

No Tangle Design

The innovative 360° swivel clasps connect each leash independently to prevent twisting and tangling. Your dogs can crisscross or move from side to side freely without creating a messy leash situation.

Traffic Control Handles

The two extra handles give you more control over exuberant pups who pull and lunge. Reign them in easily and prevent abrupt strain on your arms.

Shock Absorbing Bungee

The bungee extension stretches from 20 to 35 inches to give your dogs freedom to explore while absorbing shock from sudden pulling. Reduces jarring movements.

Heavy Duty Design

Climbing rope provides superior grip while the woven nylon glides smoothly. Durable construction stands up to daily use with rambunctious pups.

Comfort Padded Handles

The soft padded handles prevent hand strain and rope burn for comfortable walking. Reflective threading provides visibility at night.

We know walking two dogs can be challenging, but the iYoPets double dog leash makes it easy. No more tangled, twisting messes or abrupt yanks on your arm. Just smooth, tangle-free walking and control of your energetic pups.

Its smart design gives your dogs freedom to explore while preventing tangled leashes. The traffic control handles let you easily reign them in if they start pulling or lunging unexpectedly. And the shock absorbing bungee extension reduces jarring from quick movements.

This leash provides superior comfort as well. The soft padded handles prevent hand and arm strain, while the durable climbing rope construction provides an excellent grip. Your hands will thank you!

Daily walks will become more pleasant for both you and your dogs with this well-designed leash. No more dreading the tangles and strains of controlling two dogs at once. The iYoPets double dog leash allows comfortable, tangle-free walking – even with energetic pups.

So take the hassle out of walking two dogs at once. Get the iYoPets leash for smooth, comfortable control of your energetic pups on daily adventures. It provides freedom for them and control for you. Happy walking!


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