IVY&LANE No Pull Dog Harness for Small Dogs – The Perfect Walking Companion for Your Furry Friend


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Is walking your small dog a chore? Does your pup pull relentlessly on the leash, nearly yanking your arm out of its socket? It’s time to gain control of your walks with the IVY&LANE No Pull Dog Harness. This brilliantly designed harness gives you complete control over your dog’s movement, while keeping them comfortable and secure.

Say Goodbye to Pulling and Choking

The IVY&LANE No Pull Dog Harness features a smart front clip design that gently turns your dog back towards you if they begin to pull. This stops your dog’s forward momentum, preventing pulling, lunging, and choking. The result? Relaxed walks where your dog happily trots by your side.

Customizable Fit for Ultimate Comfort

Finding a properly fitted harness for a small dog can be tough. The IVY&LANE Dog Harness solves this problem with its fully adjustable straps. The harness secures around your dog’s neck and chest with four adjustable webbing straps and quick-release buckles. You can easily achieve the perfect customized fit for your dog, eliminating escape risks and discomfort.

Thoughtful Safety Features for Total Peace of Mind

The IVY&LANE Dog Harness keeps your pup secure with thoughtful safety features including:

  • 360 degree reflective strip – ensures visibility during night walks
  • Lockable neck buckle – prevents accidental escape
  • Heavy-duty alloy leash clips – withstands pulling and lunging
  • Padding on chest and belly straps – prevents chafing and discomfort

You can have total confidence that the harness will keep your small dog safe, secure and comfortable on your adventures together.

Convenient and Stylish Design

This brilliant dog harness features a stylish design available in attractive colors like purple, blue, green and red. The sleek silhouette looks great on your dog, with no bulky straps or obtrusive hardware.

Taking the harness on and off is a breeze thanks to the smart neck entry design. Simply unclip the neck buckle and slip it over your dog’s head. The harness also includes a convenient seat belt strap so you can safely secure your pup in the car.

Complete Harness System for Ultimate Functionality

The IVY&LANE No Pull Dog Harness comes complete with everything you need for comfortable, controlled walks:

  • No pull anti-choke front clip harness
  • Sturdy dog leash with matching reflective strip
  • Handy seatbelt restraint for car rides
  • Convenient strap for easy storage

With this complete 4-in-1 system, you have everything needed to start enjoying relaxed strolls and rides with your small dog.

Produced by a Brand You Can Trust

IVY&LANE is a trusted brand that has been designing and producing quality pet products for over 10 years. Their harnesses, leashes, carriers and accessories are crafted to strict standards using durable, high-quality materials. You can be confident choosing this harness to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable.

Sizing and Fit

Proper sizing is crucial when selecting a dog harness. Measure your dog around their neck and chest, then use the handy size chart below to choose the correct size:

Size – Neck – Chest

XS – 8.2″ – 11″

S – 11″ – 14″

M – 13.7″ – 18.8″

L – 15.7″ – 22″

XL – 17.7″ – 26.3″

Order the IVY&LANE No Pull Dog Harness Today!

Gain control of your walks and enjoy comfortable strolls with your small dog. The IVY&LANE No Pull Dog Harness is the perfect solution for curbing pulling and lunging, without discomfort. With its smart safety features, fully adjustable fit and complete system included, this is the only small dog walking harness you’ll ever need!

Order now and embark on peaceful adventures with your four-legged friend.


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