IVIA PET Loud Copper Cat Bells for Dog Collar – Escape Proof Training Pet Pendant Accessories


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Does your curious kitty or pup like to explore and sneak outside when you’re not looking? Do you worry about losing track of your furry friend when they’re roaming around the house or yard? Equip your pet with the IVIA PET Cat Bells and never lose track of them again!

These copper cat bells provide the loudest, crispest jingle to alert you of your pet’s location at all times. The round bells measure 0.47 inches in diameter and utilize a traditional copper design to produce a clearer, more resonant chime than standard bells. You’ll always know when your pet is on the move or trying to slip out unnoticed with these escape-proof bells!

Louder than Other Bells on the Market

IVIA PET Cat Bells are specially designed to provide maximum noise to keep your pets safe. The all-copper construction produces a louder, fuller chime that carries farther than other bells made of inferior metals. You’ll be able to hear your furry friend’s movements from the next room or across the yard thanks to the superior audio quality. Say goodbye to losing track of quiet, sneaky pets!

Durable Copper Build for Crisp Ringing

These pet bells are constructed from 100% copper for a traditional bell design that really rings. Copper provides crisp, resonant tones that project sound better than other materials. The tough metal also withstands daily wear from active pets while maintaining its lively chime. The bells will keep ringing clearly even after months of use to reliably alert you of your pet’s location.

Secure Dog Tag Clips Keep Bells Safely Attached

Each order includes 4 copper bells and 2 stainless steel bell clips to conveniently attach the bells to your pet’s collar. The metal clips provide a sturdy hold to keep the bells securely in place even during rough and tumble play. Your pet can pounce and run around while the bells maintain their position and keep jingling. The durable clips also prevent the bells from accidentally falling off your pet’s collar.

Designed for Both Cats and Dogs

These versatile cat bells fit most dogs and cats thanks to the adjustable silicon tabs that slide to tighten around collar D-rings of various sizes. The bells measure 0.47 inches in diameter – ideal for small to medium pets. Your furry companions will look adorable with these accessory bells while staying safely detectable at the same time. The pet bell bundle allows you to share the 4 bells between multiple cats and dogs in your home.

No More Sneaking Off Undetected!

Frustrated by your sneaky pet slipping outside or roaming around unsupervised? Gain peace of mind by equipping them with IVIA PET Cat Bells. The loud, crisp copper bells announce your pet’s location so you’ll never lose track of them again. No more worrying about escapes or accidents when your clever companion is sporting these safety bells! Both you and your pet will rest easy with the constant reassurance the bells provide.

Leaves More Freedom for Happy, Active Pets

The cat bells allow your pets the freedom to patrol, play, and explore while keeping them safely detectable. Instead of restricting your pet’s movements to prevent roaming, use IVIA PET Bells to give them free reign while maintaining supervision. Your pets can happily roam, play, or snooze anywhere in hearing range while you go about your day reassured by the jingling bells.

Beautiful Collar Accessory

These copper bells add a beautiful pop of shine and sound to your pet’s collar accessories. The round all-copper build provides a pleasing aesthetic on your cat or dog’s collar in addition to increased safety. Mix and match IVIA PET Bells with your pet’s other collar tags and pendants for a personalized look. The bells complement both complicated and simple collar styles.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your pet’s satisfaction and safety are our top priority. That’s why IVIA PET offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our cat bells for any reason. We stand behind our product’s quality and construction. We believe the loud copper bells will help keep your pet detectable for their safety and your peace of mind. Love your purchase or contact us for a full refund or replacement bells.

Give your clever Houdini pet the gift of freedom while keeping them safe with IVIA PET Cat Bells. The loud copper bells announce your pet’s location so you’ll never lose track. No more sneaky escape attempts or unsupervised adventures with these collar bells! Order a set today and take comfort knowing exactly where your furry friend is at all times.


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