IVIA Dog Tag Clips – Effortlessly Change Your Pup’s ID Between Collars


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Your furry friend’s collar may change with the seasons, but their ID tag needs to stay with them at all times. Avoid the headache of constantly moving clips by getting IVIA’s stainless steel dog tag clips. These quick release clips make it easy to securely attach your pup’s ID tags to any collar or harness.

Keep Tags Securely in Place

Tired of ID tags jangling loosely or even falling off? These stainless steel clip rings tested against active pups. They stayed securely clasped even with dogs running, jumping, and rolling.

The round clips tightly clasp onto any collar or harness up to 1/2 inch wide. The included split rings firmly hold tags of any shape or size.

Swap Between Collars in Seconds

Switching your dog to a new collar for a special occasion or change in seasons is a snap with these quick change ID tag holders.

Simply unclasp the round clip to remove tags from the old collar. Then thread the split ring through the new collar and reattach the round clip. It takes just seconds to move your dog’s identification between collars or harnesses.

You can also quickly add and remove specific ID tags as needed. For example, remove their rabies tag before bath time, then pop it back on clean and dry.

Durable Stainless Steel Build

Both the round clips and rings are crafted from 304 stainless steel. This commercial-grade steel maintains its shiny silver finish over years of use. It won’t flake, peel, tarnish, or change colors.

Stainless steel also has superior strength compared to other alloys. It stands up to daily wear and tear without bending, breaking, or cracking.

The smooth polished finish won’t snag fur or fabric. Stainless steel is also hypoallergenic for pups with sensitive skin.

Perfect Size Options for Any Pet

This 2 pack of dog tag clips includes:

2 medium 1/2 inch clips perfect for adult dogs and large breed puppies
6 size split rings (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large) to accommodate any size and shape tag

The smaller rings work great for cats too. Plus the smooth edges won’t catch long fur.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Your pet’s safety is our top concern. We back these dog tag holders with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If anything breaks or you’re not completely happy, we’ll provide a replacement set or full refund.

Keep Your Pup Identified with Ease

Don’t hassle with constantly moving ID tags between collars. Get the convenience of quick change dog tag clips. Keep tags securely in place while making collar changes simple. Plus enjoy durable stainless steel built to last.

Change tags effortlessly between collars and harnesses

Stays securely clasped even on active dogs

Durable stainless steel won’t bend, break or tarnish

Smooth polished finish is snag-free

Perfect size for any breed dog or adult cat

Lifetime guarantee for peace of mind

What’s Included

2 Stainless Steel Round Clips
2 Small Split Rings
2 Medium Split Rings
2 Large Split Rings


Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Clip Width: 1/2 inch

Split Ring Sizes:

Small: 1/4 inch
Medium: 5/16 inch
Large: 3/8 inch

Quantity: 2 Clips & 6 Rings

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