Honor Your Furry Friend with this Beautiful Personalized Pet Cremation Urn


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Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult experiences. It leaves an emptiness that is hard to describe. Finding the perfect way to memorialize your furry friend is so important during this painful time. This elegant wooden cremation urn allows you to cherish the memory of your dog, cat, or other pet in a thoughtful, meaningful way.

Crafted with Care to Memorialize Your Pet

This pet urn is handcrafted from beautiful natural wood and engraved with heartwarming details to create a touching tribute. The smooth sanded finish highlights the natural wood grain for a rustic yet refined look. A carved paw print design on the front surrounds a personalized photo frame, allowing you to display your favorite photo of your precious pet.

Seeing your pet’s face each day helps keep their memory alive in your heart. Whenever you look at this urn, you’ll be reminded of the joy and comfort they brought into your life.

Peaceful & Dignified Final Resting Place

The rectangular shape and clean lines give this urn an elegant, dignified look perfect for displaying in your home. Place it on a mantle, bookshelf, or table to make your pet feel close by. The rich walnut color and decorative details like the paw print design and “In Loving Memory” engraved message give this urn an inviting warmth.

When you hold the urn in your hands, you can feel the quality of the smooth lacquered finish. It’s comforting to know your pet’s ashes have been laid to rest within such a well-crafted vessel.

Keepsake Urn Holds a Portion of Ashes

This urn is sized to hold a portion of your pet’s cremated remains, not the full amount. The small size holds up to 117 cubic inch of ashes, fitting pets up to 80 lbs. The large size holds up to 352 cubic inches for pets up to 220 lbs.

This keepsake amount is perfect for keeping at home while you scatter or bury the rest of the ashes. You can surround the urn with your pet’s collar, favorite toys, photos, or other mementos to further personalize it.

Simple Yet Secure Urn Design

The threaded lid screws on tightly to securely contain the ashes inside. Unscrew the lid easily whenever you want to access the interior. The bottom base can also be removed by unscrewing the screws if you ever need access inside the bottom.

The minimalist design keeps the focus on the natural wood and your pet’s photo. There are no unneeded embellishments or ornate details to detract from its heartfelt charm.

The Perfect Way to Honor Your Pet’s Unconditional Love

Our pets shower us with unconditional love and companionship. They’re members of the family who leave paw prints on our hearts. Losing a beloved animal companion leaves an immense hole.

Memorializing them with a personalized pet urn helps pay tribute to the special bond you shared. It provides a dignified final resting place and keepsake to always remember your treasured friend.

Displaying their photo, name, paw print, and other custom details on this urn allows you to celebrate the love you felt for each other. Whenever you see it, those happy memories will come flooding back.

Honor your dog, cat, bird, horse, rabbit, or other pet with an urn as unique as they were. Crafted by pet lovers for pet lovers, this touching tribute helps keep your pet close during the difficult grieving process.

Shop With Confidence

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you order this pet urn. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy, simply return it for a full refund.

This heirloom quality urn also comes with a lifetime warranty. Any manufacturing defect will be repaired or the urn replaced.

When your package arrives, you can expect careful packing and handling. Amazon’s A-to-Z policy provides additional protection on your purchase.

With responsive customer service and secure online ordering, you can feel totally confident. This pet memorial urn makes a thoughtful, caring gift for grieving pet parents during a sad, difficult time.

Let this personalized cremation keepsake provide lasting comfort as you honor your cherished companion. Their unconditional love deserves the very best final tribute.


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