Heart-Shaped Sunglasses for Small Dog Breeds


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Add an extra helping of cuteness to your already adorable small breed pup with these darling heart-shaped sunglasses by Lewondr. With their stylish pink heart design, 100% UV protection and custom fit, these sunglasses are perfect for adding fashion and function to your dog’s ensemble.

These aren’t just a cutesy costume accessory either. The durable resin lenses provide complete protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage your dog’s vision. Smaller dogs with shortened snouts are especially vulnerable to eye issues, so guarding their eyes is a must.

The lightweight, flexible frames are specially sized to fit smaller breed dogs comfortably without slipping. The adjustable elastic strap and chin strap allow you to customize the fit for your pup’s head and jaw size to prevent any sliding or shifting.

Foam padding around the rim cushions your dog’s face from pressure points and chafing. The breathable foam allows them to wear their new shades in plush comfort for hours of strutting their stuff in style.

Plus, the adorable pink heart shape lenses and polka dot patterned frames add the perfect playful touch. Now your dog can turn heads for all the right reasons on your daily walks.

Dress your dog up for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, photoshoots and other special occasions. Or let them show off their new look just because. Either way, prepare for lots of people fawning over your dog’s too-cute accessory when you go out.

These stylish and protective sunglasses are sized to fit breeds like:

Shih Tzu
French Bulldog
Boston Terrier
And other diminutive dogs with a head circumference of 18-29.5cm and jaw circumference of 13-22cm. Refer to the size chart to help find your dog’s ideal fit.

Now your tiny sun worshipper can relax in the warmth without squinting. The durable resin lenses form a clear, protective barrier against sun, wind and debris while lookingpositively precious.

Give your beloved little pup the gift of eye protection and indulge their fashionable side at the same time with these absolutely darling heart-shaped sunglasses by Lewondr. Your small breed dog will stay comfortable and cute while safeguarding their vision.

Your tiny pup will look so adorable in these special shades made just for petite pups. But cuteness isn’t their only feature. At their core, these heart-shaped sunglasses provide vital protection for your small dog’s vulnerable eyes.

The 100% UV blocking lenses filter out harmful rays that can damage their vision. Smaller breeds with shorter snouts are prone to eye issues, so giving their peepers added defense is key.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your dog’s eyes are safeguarded on sunny walks and other outdoor adventures. No more wincing and squinting for your sunshine-loving pup.

The breathable foam padding around the rims prevent rubbing and discomfort. While the snug yet flexible fit ensures bouncing and sliding don’t dislodge the glasses or distort the protective lens positioning.

Plus, the adorable pink heart design with polka dot printed frames means your dog is sure to get lots of attention and compliments when strutting their stuff. They’ll just think they look extra cute – you’ll know their eyes are protected too.

Made to fit smaller dogs like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Terriers, Papillons, and other wee pups, these shades feature an adjustable strap for a custom fit. Refer to the size guide to ensure the best positioning and comfort.

Give your petite pup the gift of crisp, clear vision and hazards-free sun fun with these absolutely precious heart-shaped sunglasses made just for smaller breeds. Order a pair of protective pink hearts for your adorable doggy today!


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