Give Your Pup the Gift of Comfort with the ODRIEW Elevated Dog Bowls


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Does your furry friend strain their neck at mealtimes? Do they gulp their food too quickly, leading to uncomfortable bloating? As a pet owner, you want what’s best for your four-legged family member. With the ODRIEW Elevated Dog Bowls, you can give your pup the gift of comfortable, healthy feeding.

This adjustable stand elevates your dog’s food and water bowls to just the right height for their size and breed. The 5 adjustable settings range from 3.2 to 12 inches, growing with your dog from puppyhood to adulthood. No more achy joints or neck strain!

Support Healthy Eating Habits

The ergonomic design keeps your dog’s head and neck in a natural position while eating and drinking. This alignment reduces pressure on the esophagus, promoting better digestion and reducing the risk of bloat. One bowl is also a specially designed slow feeder, which encourages your dog to eat at a slower, more natural pace. No more greedy gulping or upset tummies!

Built to Last from Puppy to Senior Dog

While the height adjusts, the sturdy construction remains the same. The stand is crafted from durable ABS plastic that withstands daily use without cracking or warping. Non-slip rubber pads prevent sliding or tipping during mealtime. Both bowls are made with thick stainless steel that’s rust-resistant and easy to clean. Whether you have a growing pup or aging dog, this stand supports healthy feeding for years.

Adjustable and Portable for Every Lifestyle

Simple snap-on telescoping legs allow you to change the height in seconds without tools. When it’s time to travel or store, the stand folds flat. The legs even have holes to thread your leash through for easy transport. Place it on the floor for a puppy one day, then elevate it to a perfect 12 inches for your adult labrador retriever the next. Whether you’re home or on-the-go, this stand adapts.

Benefits of Elevated Feeders

Better posture: Eliminates straining neck by keeping your dog’s head and neck relaxed and aligned.

Aid digestion: Gravity helps food pass smoothly through the esophagus into the stomach, reducing bloating.

Slow eating: Raised bowls and slow feeder bowl prevent fast gulping of food and air.

Joint health: Standing comfortably prevents excess pressure on joints that comes with stooping over floor bowls.

Neat eating: No more food splashed on the floor around flat bowls.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable stand with 5 height settings from 3.2 to 12 inches
  • 1 slow feed dog bowl and 1 standard stainless steel dog bowl included
  • Bowls hold 2.36 cups of dry food – perfect for small, medium and large dogs
  • Durable ABS plastic construction with non-slip rubber feet
  • Foldable design for portable travel and space-saving storage
  • Easy snap-on telescoping legs adjust in seconds without tools
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel bowls are top-rack dishwasher safe

Give your dog a healthier, more comfortable feeding experience with the ODRIEW Elevated Dog Bowls. The adjustable stand removes strain while slowing down gulping and improving digestion. Built to last through years of daily use and travel, this is a feeding system both you and your dog will love!

Order the ODRIEW Elevated Dog Bowls today and see the difference an ergonomic feeding position makes for your pet. We know you want the best for your dog – they deserve to eat comfortably and naturally.


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