Give Your PTSD Service Dog the Recognition They Deserve with Our High Quality ID Tags


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Your dedicated PTSD service dog provides you with invaluable support, companionship, and assistance every day. Show your appreciation and make sure they get the access they need with our professional quality Just 4 Paws PTSD Service Dog ID Tags. Designed specifically for PTSD service animals, these tags clearly identify your dog as a working service animal, allowing access where pets are not typically allowed.

With our durable and lightweight service dog ID tags, your PTSD service dog can easily enter restaurants, stores, hotels, hospitals, airplanes, and anywhere else service animals are granted access per ADA laws. No more explaining your dog’s working status to business owners and staff – the tag does it for you!

Crafted from Premium Materials Built to Last
These service dog tags are made to handle whatever your dog’s busy day throws at them. The vivid full color design is printed on durable, scratch-resistant 30 mil thick PVC plastic shaped in a convenient bone design. A high quality 1″ metal ring securely attaches the ID tag to your dog’s collar so it stays in place when your dog is hard at work. Designed to be lightweight so your dog stays comfortable all day, while also being waterproof, chew-resistant and rugged.

Customized Specifically for PTSD Service Dogs
The PTSD Service Dog text printed clearly on the front easily identifies your dog as a working PTSD service animal. The back features the official ADA service dog laws so you can easily reference your dog’s public access rights. Measuring 2-1/8” x 1-1/8”, the tags are the ideal size to be clearly visible and legible, without being overly large or obtrusive.

Gives Your Dog the Access They Need
Your PTSD service dog deserves the same access and privileges in public as a guide dog or other service animal. Unfortunately, lack of understanding of service dog roles means PTSD service dogs often face difficulties entering public places. With these highly visible PTSD Service Dog ID tags, your dog will get the access they need. No more being questioned in public about your dog’s legitimacy or being denied entry to stores and other businesses.

A Variety of Uses Beyond Identification
In addition to identifying your PTSD service dog, these versatile tags have a number of other great uses:

Use the metal ring to easily attach your dog’s leash when needed
Add additional important information like your name and phone number on the back
Include your dog’s name to personalize the ID tag
Attach keys using the metal ring for easy access
Pair it with a collar tag light for visibility in low light situations
Match with a GPS tag or a backup tag for extra security
Unbeatable Quality Guarantee
We proudly stand behind our PTSD Service Dog ID Tags, offering a 100% quality guarantee. We use only the highest quality materials and printing methods, making sure the design will not scratch, fade or fall apart with rugged use. If you’re not completely satisfied we’ll provide a replacement set or full refund – no questions asked. We want you and your dog to be fully happy and confident with these Identification tags.

Give your hardworking PTSD service dog the recognition and access they deserve. Order the Just 4 Paws PTSD Service Dog ID Tag today!


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