Give Your Pet the Gift of Comfort with the OQQ Round Plush Bed


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Treat your furry friend to the gift of cozy comfort with the OQQ Round Plush Bed. This innovative pet bed features a circular raised rim design that provides optimal neck and head support for your dog or cat, allowing them to truly relax and drift off to deep, restful sleep.

Custom Designed for Calming Comfort

Everything about this round plush bed is designed to be calming and soothing for your four-legged companion. The incredibly soft, plush faux fur material mimics the warmth and comforting feel of a mother’s fur, giving your pet that nurturing sense of safety and security. This helps ease any anxiety and allows them to settle in for a great night’s sleep.

The high raised rim creates a secure, enclosed space that reduces stress. The unique round shape and super cozy fill makes your pet feel comfortably nested and less exposed than a flat bed. This allows them to fully relax and unwind after a long day.

Superior Support for Restful Sleep

The padded raised edge cradles your pet’s neck and head, providing superior orthopedic support to relieve pressure on their joints, neck, and spine. This ergonomic design allows them to sleep soundly without disruptive repositioning or discomfort.

The non-slip bottom keeps the bed firmly in place on hard floors or carpeting, preventing frustrating slipping and sliding during snoozing or climbing in and out of bed.

Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

The OQQ Round Plush Bed comes in four sizes to provide the perfect fit for your pet:

Small: 24″ diameter, best for pets up to 25 lbs
Medium: 32″ diameter, suits pets up to 35 lbs
Large: 36″ diameter, ideal for pets up to 55 lbs
X-Large: 44″ diameter, spacious for pets up to 100 lbs
You can choose from stylish color options like black, brown, grey, beige, pink, white and khaki to complement your home décor.

Effortless Maintenance

Keeping your pet’s bed clean and hygienic is a breeze with the OQQ Plush Bed. The whole bed is machine washable – no tricky zippers or covers to fuss with! Just toss it right in the washing machine and then tumble dry. The durable construction means it will come out good as new and ready for more cozy cuddling.

We do recommend hand washing if possible, to help preserve the lovely plush material. But either way, clean-up is quick and easy with this innovative bed.

Generous Sleeping Space for Dogs or Cats

This round pet bed provides a generous sleep space for your furry friend to stretch out in comfort. The raised rim creates more usable surface area for your pet to lounge on compared to a flat cushion bed.

Dogs and cats love the secure, enveloping feel of the nest-like design. The thick, soft cushioning allows your pet to really sink in and relax into the bed.

Whether you have a large dog who needs room to sprawl or a small cat who loves to curl up tight, the OQQ Plush Bed is the ideal shape and size.

The Perfect Gift for Your Pet

Treat your furry companion to the gift of restful sleep with the OQQ Round Plush Bed today! This calming bed will become their favorite lounging spot and provide comfort and security.

Your beloved pet gives you unconditional love and affection each day. Give them back the gift of cozy comfort and sweet dreams with this premium plush donut cuddler bed.

We Stand Behind Our Quality Products

At OQQ, your satisfaction is our top priority. We use only high-quality materials and workmanship to create products your pets will love.

This plush bed is proudly made with:

Soft, luxurious faux fur fabric exterior
Thick, fluffy fiberfill interior cushioning
Durable, non-slip bottom
Strong, resilient stitching built to last
We ship each bed compressed and vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness. Please allow 48 hours after unboxing for the bed to fully expand and fluff up. Gently knead and pat the bed to restore its full lofty shape.

We hope this plush round bed becomes your pet’s favorite place to lounge, play, snuggle and sleep for years to come. We want you and your furry friend to be absolutely thrilled with this calming bed. If you have any issues whatsoever, just contact us and we’ll make it right.

Now go give your good boy or girl the gift of restful sleep! We just know they’ll love curling up and settling into their new OQQ Round Plush Bed.


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