Give Your Furry Friend the Nutrition They Crave with Open Farm Bone Broth Food Topper


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Looking for a superfood topper that will make your dog or cat’s regular kibble irresistible while also providing amazing health benefits? Open Farm’s Bone Broth Food Topper is the perfect solution. Made with simple, ethically sourced ingredients and real bone broth, this topper will transform your pet’s bowl into a gourmet meal.

At the heart of this topper is nutrient-dense, collagen-rich bone broth made by simmering bones from responsibly raised poultry and grass-fed beef. As pets age, their bodies produce less collagen leading to issues like joint pain and digestive upset. Regular collagen intake is proven to support joint health, immunity, digestion, liver function and more in dogs and cats. Broth made from real bones provides the most bioavailable source of this vital protein.

And Open Farm’s bone broth is crafted without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It’s human-grade food you can feel good about feeding your furry best friend.

In addition to the savory bone broth, this topper features superfoods like turmeric, an anti-inflammatory that supports joint and brain health. There’s also pumpkin which aids digestion and helps pets feel satiated. Parsley offers a natural breath freshener. Carrots provide vitamin A for eye health. And a hint of cinnamon gives it a subtle sweetness pets love.

Open Farm skips cheap fillers like corn, wheat and soy and makes real animal protein the first ingredient. Dogs and cats naturally crave meat, so providing high-quality animal protein sources is key to their overall health and happiness.

This bone broth topper comes in convenient 12oz pouches that store easily in the fridge after opening. It’s the perfect way to increase the flavor and nutrition of your pet’s regular kibble. Just pour it on top to make their bowl irresistible. It can also be served on its own as a broth, used as a training treat or even frozen into bone broth popsicles for pets!

Customers rave about how much their furry friends love this topper – even picky eaters or pets with sensitive stomachs enjoy it. And pet parents feel good knowing they are providing ethical ingredients that optimize their dog or cat’s wellbeing.

Made in human-grade facilities in the USA with 100% transparency, Open Farm’s Bone Broth Food Topper promotes joint health, aids digestion and provides whole food nutrition without any mystery ingredients or additives.

Give your pet the irresistible flavors and wholesome nutrition they crave. Add Open Farm’s Bone Broth Food Topper to your dog or cat’s meals today!


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