Give Your Furry Friend The Freedom They Deserve With The Ownpets Pet Screen Door


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Do you want to give your furry friend more freedom to come and go while still keeping bugs and critters out of your home? The Ownpets Pet Screen Door is the perfect solution! This high quality pet door installs easily into your existing screen door and allows your pets to let themselves in and out whenever they please.

The flap on the Ownpets Pet Screen Door measures 8 inches wide by 10.2 inches tall, making it ideal for small dogs and cats. The flap is made of durable and flexible vinyl that will hold up to repeated use by your pets. It features embedded magnets that allow the flap to close automatically and lock behind your pet each time they pass through, helping keep bugs and squirrels from sneaking inside.

Installation is a breeze with the included hardware and easy to follow instructions. Simply cut out the appropriately sized opening in your screen door, attach the frame, and you’re all set! The sturdy ABS plastic frame ensures this pet door will last for years to come.

One of the best features of the Ownpets Pet Screen Door is that it’s suitable for use in nearly any screen door. Whether you have a metal or wooden interior door or a sliding screen door leading to your patio, this pet door can be installed quickly and easily. The versatile design means it can be used in rental properties, townhouses, apartments, or anywhere else that allows pets.

Constructed using high quality and durable materials, this pet door is built to last. The screen mesh is made from an expensive, reinforced vinyl that is designed to resist tearing or damage from pet claws. It allows for ventilation and visibility while still keeping insects, debris and intruders out of your home.

Giving your pets the ability to come and go on their own terms has many benefits. Your pets will experience less stress and anxiety since they can access the outdoors whenever they please. This door will help reduce accidents inside the house since your furry friends won’t have to hold it while you’re away. You’ll also enjoy knowing your pet has the freedom to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

With its weatherproof and chew-resistant design, automatic closing feature, and quick installation, the Ownpets Pet Screen Door provides the ideal solution for you and your pets. You’ll love having the convenience of letting your furry companions come and go while maintaining the security and protection of your home. Order yours today and give your pets the freedom they deserve!


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