Give Your Cat the Gift of Independence with the PAPIFEED WiFi Enabled Automatic Cat Feeder


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Does your cat wake you up in the middle of the night begging to be fed? Are you worried about keeping your cat fed while you’re away? The PAPIFEED Automatic Cat Feeder takes the hassle out of pet feeding so you and your cat can both enjoy a good night’s sleep.

With the PAPIFEED cat feeder, you can remotely control your cat’s meals from anywhere using the free Smart Life app. Schedule up to 10 meals per day, customize portion sizes from 1-12, and receive notifications when your cat is fed. No more waking up early or rushing home – just check the app for feeding records and make changes as needed. The feeder holds up to 3.5L of dry food, enough to feed your cat automatically for weeks at a time.

Feed Your Cat by Voice Command with Alexa

The PAPIFEED feeder seamlessly connects to Alexa and Echo devices so you can feed your cat hands-free. Just say “Alexa, feed Fluffy” to dispense a portion. Customize voice commands and portion sizes to suit your cat’s needs. Alexa makes pet feeding easy when you’re home, and the Smart Life app lets you feed remotely when you’re away.

Slow Feed Your Cat for Better Health

Does your cat gulp down food too quickly? The manual feed button allows you to slow feed, helping prevent vomiting and indigestion. Portion control also encourages healthy eating habits. Restrict food intake for overweight cats or increase portions for underweight cats – the PAPIFEED feeder adapts to your cat’s needs.

Safe, Durable Construction

With a chew-proof nylon braided power cord and stainless steel bowl, the PAPIFEED feeder withstands curious cats who may bite or scratch. The removable stainless steel bowl detaches for easy cleaning and prevents bacteria buildup. Dual power supply through the AC adapter or 4 AA batteries keeps the feeder running even with power outages.

Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Going on vacation? The PAPIFEED feeder keeps your cat fed with pre-scheduled meals. Planning a long day out? Use the app to increase portions or schedule extra feedings. With a 3.5L capacity, your cat has a constant supply of fresh, dry food. The see-through container lets you monitor food levels.

With PAPIFEED’s automatic feeder, you can:

  • Feed your cat whether you’re home or away
  • Schedule up to 10 meals per day with custom portions
  • Slow feed or control portions for health
  • Prevent midnight wakeups and mealtime begging
  • Receive notifications when your cat is fed
  • Check feeding history and make adjustments remotely
  • Dispense food by voice command with Alexa
  • Keep your cat fed for weeks with a 3.5L capacity
  • Ensure freshness with an airtight, see-through lid
  • Monitor food level at a glance
  • Clean easily with a removable stainless steel bowl
  • Prevent biting and chewing with a steel reinforced cord
  • Power the unit anytime with AC or batteries

Bring convenience and independence to pet feeding with the PAPIFEED WiFi Enabled Automatic Cat Feeder. It takes care of your cat so you don’t have to. Order today and experience hassle-free pet care!


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