Fury Friends Cat Toy Bundle – Playtime Fun for Kitty!


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Does your favorite feline friend love to pounce, bat, and play? Give them hours of enjoyment with the Fury Friends Cat Toy Bundle! This must-have set for cat owners includes two adorable plush toys filled with irresistible catnip. Watch your kitty go crazy for the Crinkle Purrs Light and Yellow Tuna Meow Claw.

The super-soft Crinkle Purrs Light features a fun light-up design. When batted and bitten, it lets out attention-grabbing crinkly sounds that drive cats wild. The bright blinking light captivates your cat’s natural prey drive. To activate, simply press the power button on the side. This innovative toy stimulates your pet’s senses for playtime they won’t stop purring about!

The cuddly Yellow Tuna Meow Claw is designed to engage your cat’s instincts. The plush tuna-shaped toy is filled with enticing catnip that attracts your kitty’s interest. Its jumbo feather teasers inspire pouncing, biting, and bunny kicking. The catnip smell and feather flickers tap into your pet’s inner hunter. Watch them go after this “catch” with adorable antics.

Both toys have a super-soft feel and bright colors that appeal to cats. Their compact size is ideal for playing, carrying, and cuddling. The set provides mental stimulation and exercise to keep your furry friend entertained. Cats of all ages love playing together or on their own. Break out these toys for enrichment treats and special playtime bonding.

Cat parents love watching the silly, energetic, and endearing play these toys encourage. Leap, tumble, attack – your kitty won’t hold back! Capture these fun moments on video to share online. Photos also make purr-fect memories. When it’s time for a cat nap, both toys are cuddle buddies too.

This cat toy bundle has many benefits for your feline friend:

Catnip-filled for irresistible kitty attraction
Crinkle paper and blinking lights provide sensory stimulation
Feather teasers encourage batting and hunting play
Plush exterior is soft for kicking, biting, and scratching
Fun colors and designs appeal to feline eyesight
Compact size for easy playing, carrying, and cuddling
Give your precious pet the gift of playtime fun and enrichment. The Fury Friends Cat Toy Bundle offers two interactive toys to endlessly delight and entertain your cat. Order now and create special bonding moments that will have you and your kitty purring with joy! Ideal for cat lovers, new pet parents, and thrilled kittens alike.

Product Details


1 Crinkle Purrs Light cat toy
1 Yellow Tuna Meow Claw cat toy

Plush polyester exterior
Plastic housing contains LED light (Crinkle Purrs Light)
Crinkle paper (Crinkle Purrs Light)
Feather teasers
Catnip filling

Each toy: Approx. 1.5” diameter x 3.7” length
Catnip Details:

Premium USA-grown catnip, infused for optimal potency
Catnip attracts cats through scent, inspiring play
Re-energize toys by adding new catnip
Light Features:

Press power button on housing to turn on/off
-LED light flashes and blinks for visual stimulation
Light automatically shuts off after 15 minutes

Always supervise your pet during playtime
Remove parts that become damaged or detached
Not intended as chew toy or food item
Your cat can’t wait to get their paws on these exciting new toys! Order the Fury Friends Cat Toy Bundle now and be the best cat parent ever. Questions? Reach out, we’re happy to help!


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