Forever Remember Your Precious Pet with This Touching Memorial Frame


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Losing a beloved furry friend leaves an ache in our hearts that never fully heals. Keep your pet’s memory alive with the Pearhead Pet Collar Keepsake Picture Frame. This thoughtful memorial frame lets you proudly display a photo of your precious dog or cat while preserving their collar as a lasting memento.

A Timeless Way to Cherish Your Pet’s Unconditional Love

Pets give us their wholehearted, uncomplicated love every day they share our lives. When it’s time to say goodbye, the Pearhead frame provides a meaningful way to reflect on the special bond you shared with your companion animal.

The classic black wood frame with silver trim adds warmth and sophistication to any decor. A charming paw print detail in the bottom corner is a tender finishing touch.

Honor Your Pet with a Customized Photo Display

The Pearhead frame comes ready to memorialize your beloved companion. Simply insert your favorite 4.5 x 6.5 inch photograph into the provided insert behind the glass. Every time you look at that sweet face, your heart will fill with fond memories.

Below the photo, your pet’s collar hangs from a sturdy metal peg. Seeing that familiar collar displayed with pride will remind you of all the walks, snuggles and adventures you shared.

Whether you had a rambunctious pup or cunning kitty, this memorial frame captures your pet’s unique personality. The distressed wood frame adds rustic appeal, while the silver bevelled mat lends an elegant note.

Design the perfect tribute by choosing your pet’s endearing photo and their well-loved collar for display. The result is a personalized memorial that beautifully honors your pet’s place in your heart.

Display Your Pet Memorial Proudly with the Built-In Hanger

Pearhead makes it easy to find the perfect display location for this meaningful tribute. A built-in hanger on the back lets you hang the frame on any wall in your home.

Place it in a prominent spot like an entryway or living room to highlight your pet’s memory. Or choose a more private location, like your bedroom or office, for an intimate reminder of your bond.

Wherever you display it, this quality frame adds graceful style to your decor. The classic design with rustic wood grain makes it a charming addition to any wall.

Gift This Thoughtful Pet Memorial Keepsake to Other Animal Lovers

If you know someone grieving the loss of their own faithful companion, the Pearhead Pet Collar Picture Frame makes a deeply meaningful gift. It provides a touching way to help comfort and support others through pet bereavement.

When a friend or family member is mourning the passing of their dog or cat, this sensitive gift acknowledges the real sense of loss they feel. Having a loving pet memorial can bring much-needed solace during the grieving process.

With its elegant yet rustic design, this memorial frame displays quiet gravitas befitting a devoted pet’s legacy. Your loved one can fill it with a photo of their precious animal, making it a one-of-a-kind tribute to display with pride.

Take Comfort in Memories of Your Pet’s Unconditional Love

Our pets give us the amazing gift of unwavering loyalty and trust. When death sadly ends your journey together, the emptiness they leave behind can feel unbearable.

Keep your pet’s spirit alive in your grieving heart by immortalizing their memory with the Pearhead Pet Collar Picture Frame. Displaying your companion’s photo and collar provides daily comfort until you meet again at the eternal Rainbow Bridge.


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