Fluffy Paw Print Pet Blankets, Perfect for Small Dogs and Cats


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Keep your furry friend warm and cozy with these super soft and fluffy paw print pet blankets! Crafted with love for your precious pup or kitty, these blankets make the perfect place for them to curl up and get some shut-eye.

Made with a plush coral velvet material, these blankets are soothing to the touch and gentle on sensitive skin. The fabric has a lush, feathery texture that your pet will absolutely adore burrowing into. Available in an assortment of cheerful colors like pink, brown and white, you can choose the perfect hue to match your home décor.

Measuring 30 x 20 inches, these blankets are generously sized for small dog breeds and kitties. Your pet can sprawl out and get totally comfortable on their own little island of softness. The blankets are lightweight and easy to move around too, so you can create cozy napping spots all over your home.

One of the best features of these blankets is the adorable paw print motif. The raised paw print design adds a playful personality and really emphasizes that these blankets are specially made for your favorite furry pal. It’s a subtle detail that makes these blankets even more endearing.

These pet blankets have many wonderful uses for both you and your pet. Of course your dog or cat will love curling up on their blanket for long naps and relaxation. But you can also use the blankets to create a soft space for your pet in the car, protect furniture from dirty paws and claws, set up play areas on hard floors, and keep their bed cozy in a drafty crate or cat condo.

With regular use, it’s inevitable that these blankets will need washing from time to time. Not to worry, they are completely machine washable for easy cleaning. Just use gentle settings and mild detergent. You can either air dry or put them in the dryer on low. With proper care, these pet blankets will last a long time.

Your furry friend brings so much joy and fun to your days. They deserve to sleep in total comfort and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic for playtime. These plush blankets create the perfect oasis for your pet to catch some zzz’s. The super soft material and cheerful colors promote restful sleep and a contented mood.

Give your faithful companion the gift of cozy comfort with these charming paw print pet blankets. Available in a convenient pack of four, you’ll have plenty of blankets to spread throughout your home. Your pet can doze blissfully on their own blanket in the bedroom, living room, crate and more. Wherever your dog or cat likes to nap, they’ll have the perfect blanket handy.

With over 1200 positive reviews from other pet parents, it’s clear these are the snuggly blankets your furry BFF needs. Here’s what other customers are saying:

“I have a 12 year old Yorkie who LOVES her new blankets! She curls up in them every night now and just looks so peaceful and content. I’m so glad I bought these.”

“I was looking for soft, gentle blankets for my elderly cat and these are perfect. They help keep her arthritic joints comfy. Plus they’re so cute!”

“These blankets are thicker and plusher than I expected! My pup loves burrowing herself in them while she naps. Definitely recommend!”

“After getting these blankets, my dog stopped trying to sleep on the couch all the time. Now he’s happy to sleep in his own little nest of blankets on the floor. Thanks for making such great quality pet blankets!”

Your devotion to your dog or cat is limitless. They depend on you for everything and all they want in return is your love and care. Show them how much they mean to you with the gift of comfort. These plush paw print blankets will become their favorite napping spot for hours of blissful sleep.

Order this 4 pack of snuggly pet blankets today and discover how much joy they bring to your special furry friend. Let them drift off to dreamland curled up in the soft embrace of these cozy blankets. Their happiness and comfort matter most of all.


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