Ensure Your Furry Friend Stays Safe and Seen with JUJUPUPS Reflective Patches


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Is your canine companion always by your side, ready for any adventure? As a dedicated dog owner, you want to keep them safe when you’re out and about, especially when visibility is low. JUJUPUPS Reflective Patches help enhance your dog’s presence to oncoming walkers, bikers, and drivers. With bright reflective lettering against an orange background, these patches clearly communicate important messages to give your pup the space they need.

These convenient 2-packs of removable patches are designed to adhere securely to your dog’s vest, harness, or leash wrap. The strong hook and loop fasteners ensure the patches stay firmly in place, even during active play.

Reflective Lettering for Enhanced Visibility

The bright silver reflective lettering stands out against the bold orange background. This makes the messages highly visible from a distance, even in low light conditions. The prominent lettering helps notify people from further away, giving them more time to respond appropriately.

Whether you’re walking neighborhood trails at dusk or need extra visibility on evening runs, these patches help keep your dog safe. The reflective properties also make it easier for you to keep an eye on your pup when they’re roaming ahead on the trail.

Customize Your Dog’s Gear with Interchangeable Patches

JUJUPUPS Reflective Patches make it easy to customize your dog’s vest, harness, or leash wrap. With hook and loop fasteners, the patches adhere securely but can be swapped out whenever needed.

Switch between different messages or patch placements depending on the setting or activity. Some days your dog may need a “Do Not Pet” reminder during crowded outdoor events. Other days, an “In Training” patch indicates your pup is practicing new skills and needs extra space.

You can also remove the patches completely whenever your dog doesn’t need the extra visibility boost. The hook and loop fasteners won’t damage the gear material, making it easy to go patch-free.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Materials

These patches are constructed from high quality reflective vinyl with industrial strength adhesive backing. The sturdy materials hold up through all your adventures, from neighborhood strolls to hiking excursions.

The weather resistant properties prevent rain, snow, and UV rays from damaging the patches. Despite exposure to the elements, the patches maintain their reflectivity and adhesion.

Whether it’s extra muddy trails or light rain showers, you don’t have to worry about the patches peeling or losing visibility. The durable build ensures they provide reliable visibility boosts and clear messaging in all conditions.

Choose the Perfect Size for Your Dog’s Gear

JUJUPUPS Reflective Patches come in a range of sizes to work with any dog vest, harness, or leash wrap. When selecting your size, be sure to measure the surface area first.

For standard service dog vest panels, the 5×1.5 inch size offers a nice balanced look. The long rectangular shape fits well vertically on vest panels.

Larger 6×2 inch patches are ideal for bigger dog vests that need bolder lettering. They also work well for leash wraps that need enough surface area for clear visibility.

For smaller dog vests, collars, or harnesses, consider the compact 4×1 inch size. These offer visibility in a conveniently petite package.

With interchangeable patches, it’s easy to get multiple sizes to mix and match based on your dog’s needs.

Prioritize Your Dog’s Comfort

These reflective patches only enhance your dog’s visibility, not their comfort. The lightweight vinyl material avoids weighing down your dog’s vest or harness. And since the patches adhere directly to the outer gear surface, they don’t impact the fit.

Your dog gets all the benefits of improved visibility without any restriction or discomfort. So you can equip your companion with these patches knowing their comfort is not compromised.

Give Your Dog the Visibility They Deserve

With JUJUPUPS Reflective Patches, your furry friend stays seen and safe on all your adventures. The durable and weather-resistant build ensures reliable visibility in any condition. Prioritize your dog’s comfort and security with these must-have gear additions.


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