Durable Split O Ring Dog Tag Holders for Maximum Customization – Set of 3


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Keep your furry friend’s identification secure with the JOVITEC Dog Tag Clip Set. This versatile 3-pack includes 9 stainless steel split o-rings in 3 convenient sizes to accommodate standard dog tags of any shape.

Customize your pet’s collar or harness by mixing and matching rings for multiple ID tags or decorative charms. The split ring design allows you to attach and remove tags quickly without having to undo your pet’s collar each time. No more jangling tags disturbing your pet at night – simply detach the silencers for peace and quiet.

With 3 size options, these sturdy split rings can handle tags for dogs and cats of all sizes. The compact circular clip design ensures a secure hold without irritation. For added durability, the rings are made of strong stainless steel to withstand daily wear and tear.

Give your pet the gift of stylish identification with the convenience of the JOVITEC Dog Tag Clip Set. The interchangeable split o-ring system allows you to customize your pet’s look while keeping their ID information readily accessible.


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