Double Dog Leash for Easy Walks Together


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Tired of tangled leashes and trying to walk two dogs at once? Struggling with two leashes in one hand while picking up doggie messes with the other? Get the easy solution for hassle-free walks with two dogs – the Double Dog Leash from iYoShop!

This ingenious leash allows you to walk two dogs together, with no tangled mess or hassle. The heavy-duty dual bungee design absorbs the shock of two dogs pulling, keeping them close together and preventing tangles. The padded handle is soft and comfortable, even during long walks, and the reflective threading keeps you and your dogs safe when walking at night.

With three adjustable traffic handle loops, you can customize the leash length and control for each dog. The 360 degree tangle-free swivel attachment prevents twisting and tangling, so you can focus on enjoying your walk. No more fighting against two leashes or trying to hold one leash while bending down to scoop poop. This leash does the hard work for you!

The high-quality weatherproof nylon leash is durable for years of daily use. It’s strong enough to handle large dogs up to 120lbs each, while still being soft and comfortable on your hands. The convenient D-ring lets you easily attach waste bags, keys or a flashlight.

Walking two dogs just got a whole lot easier with the Double Dog Leash! Here’s why dog owners love using this dual dog leash:

No More Tangles or Twists
The tangle-free swivel attachment prevents the leashes from twisting around each other or getting knotted up – even with dogs circling and crossing each other. Just hook on both leashes and enjoy your walk without fighting against tangled leashes.

Padded Handle for Comfort
The soft padded handle makes this leash comfortable to hold, even on longer walks. No more sore hands or rope burn! The comfortable grip keeps your hands free of pain, despite two dogs pulling.

Absorbs Shock of Two Dogs Pulling
This leash features a heavy-duty bungee design that gently absorbs the shock of two dogs pulling, keeping them close together and by your side. No more jerked shoulders from the force of two dogs.

Reflective Threading for Safety
The reflective threading woven into both leashes keeps you and your dogs safe when walking at night. Oncoming cars can see you from a distance, preventing accidents and injuries.

Customizable Length & Control
With three adjustable traffic handle loops, you can control the length and tension of each leash individually. Shorten or extend each side for the perfect customized fit for your dogs.

Convenient and Hands-Free
The handy D-ring allows you to attach waste bags, keys, a flashlight or anything else you need quick access to during your walk. No need to stuff your pockets.

Durable Weatherproof Material
The high-quality nylon stands up to years of daily use, sunshine, rain and snow. Hardware is made of durable aluminum alloy that won’t break or corrode.

Any Size or Breed of Dog
This double dog leash is designed for dogs from 15 to 120lbs each. It provides excellent control and absorption for large powerful dogs, while still being a great choice for smaller dogs.

Take the frustration out of walking two dogs and make your strolls enjoyable again! With the Double Dog Leash from iYoShop, you have individual control of each dog without the tangles and knots of two individual leashes. Order yours today and take the whole family out for happy, hassle-free walks!


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