Cozy Fleece Pullover Sweater for Tiny Dogs


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Keep your tiny pup warm and cozy all winter long with this lightweight fleece pullover sweater from Lightweight Dog Sweaters. Designed for petite pups under 4 lbs, this sweater features a soft fuzz lining, leopard print pattern, and easy elasticized fit.

The fleece fabric feels plush and soft against your dog’s skin while providing insulation against chilly air. The fuzzy inner lining takes this sweater’s warmth factor to the next level for extra small and teacup breed dogs.

The stretchy material moves with your dog allowing full mobility to run and play while keeping their core toasty. Flat seams prevent irritation and discomfort.

This pullover sweater sports a trendy leopard print pattern in rich brown tones. The timeless print looks stylish on small breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Pomeranians, Maltese and more.

An elasticized hem ensures a snug yet comfy fit around your dog’s belly and back. Simply stretch and pull over their head. No fussy fasteners needed!

Ideal for tiny breed dogs under 4 lbs with a recommended back length of 7.9 inches and chest circumference of 11.8 inches when measuring the fullest part of the chest. Please refer to size chart.

Let your tiny dog strut their stuff around the house or on brisk walks in this warm leopard print pullover. Use it as a cute layering piece under coats for extra insulation.

Give the gift of cozy warmth to your petite pup this winter with this fleece pullover sweater. Keep them stylish, snug and happy all season long!

Tiny dogs need a little extra warmth thanks to their pint-sized frames. This fleece sweater from Lightweight Dog Sweaters is specially designed to envelop your extra small or teacup breed dog in soft, insulating comfort.

The plush fleece lining feels gentle on your pup’s skin while retaining body heat to keep them cozy. The fabric is stretchy yet lightweight so your dog can move freely.

Flat seams eliminate chafing while the elasticized hem creates a snug fit. Simply stretch and slip over your dog’s head for instant warmth whenever you go outside.

The classic leopard print adds exotic style while suiting small breeds like Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Toy Poodles and more. Protect your precious little pup from the cold in chic fashion.

Ideal for tiny dogs under 4 lbs. Refer to size chart for recommended dimensions. Use this sweater as a base layer under coats or as a daily house sweater.

Don’t let your tiny dog shiver this winter! Give them the gift of cozy comfort with this fleece pullover sweater made just for petite pups.


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