Celebrate Your Pet’s Big Day in LKEX Graduation Caps


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Mark your pet’s special occasion in style with LKEX Pet Graduation Caps! These mini caps allow your cat or dog to dress up for graduations, holidays, parties, photos and more.


  • Made from soft polyester and cotton
  • Adjustable size fits most small pets
  • Traditional graduation style with mortarboard and tassel
  • Fun for graduations, parties, costumes, gifts
  • 1 cap per order

Traditional Graduation Style

This miniature graduation cap replicates the traditional mortarboard style with a flat, square top and stiff sides. The sturdy construction holds its shape for that iconic graduand look.

A bright golden yellow tassel hangs from the front to complete the time-honored design. The sophisticated black and yellow color scheme suits any graduate!

Custom Fit for Your Pet’s Head

The cap is designed to comfortably fit most small pets like:

  • Kittens
  • Puppies
  • Small cats
  • Small dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Ferrets

The cap measures 6.4 x 6.4 x 2.9 inches (16.5 x 16.5 x 7.5 cm). Stretchy string attaches under the chin and around the head for a customized fit.

Adjust the chin strap to gently hug your pet’s head so the cap stays on securely. The lightweight cap allows free movement while staying put.

High Quality Pet-Safe Materials

The cute cap is handmade from soft polyester and cotton that is gentle on your pet’s skin. The fabric is breathable so your pet stays comfy while playing dress up.

Both the polyester mortarboard and cotton tassel are non-toxic and completely safe for curious pets who want to nibble or paw at their new accessory. No need to worry about your pet’s health – safety first!

The durable construction holds up well to indoor and outdoor use. The materials won’t rip or tear easily from normal wear. Handle with care for best results.

Capture Milestone Moments

Mark your pet’s Important accomplishments in commemorative photos dressed up in their cap and tassel! Perfect for:

  • Pet graduation photoshoots
  • Class pet graduation ceremony
  • Adoption anniversary
  • Birthdays
  • Pet appreciation celebrations
  • Costume parties
  • Holiday fun

Let your pet join in the festivities and melt hearts in their tiny graduation getup. Create a memorable keepsake for years to come!

Blends Education and Play

In addition to photos, your clever pet can get some fun mental stimulation from their new graduation cap.

Rolling, chasing, carrying, and “decorated” the cap helps satisfy your pet’s natural curiosity. Supervised play encourages bonding while you engage your pet’s mind.

When playtime is over, the durable cap holds up to regular use. Simply adjust the fit as needed so it’s ready for the next celebration.

Delight Your Graduate

Surprise your furry graduate with a LKEX Pet Graduation Cap to make their next milestone extra special.

The traditional mortarboard and tassel design looks sophisticated on pets of all kinds. Capture your pet’s personality shining through in commemorative photos of their big day.

Let your pet join the graduation fun and order their commemorative cap today!


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