All-Natural Organic Quail Egg Dog Treats


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Give your furry best friend the gift of health with PawsFourLove All-Natural Organic Quail Egg Dog Treats! These premium freeze dried treats provide a powerhouse of nutrition in each bite.

Made with a Single All-Natural Ingredient
Containing just one ingredient, organic and humanely raised quail eggs, these treats have no added flavors, colors or preservatives. You can feel confident knowing exactly what goodness you’re giving your dog. Quail eggs pack protein, vitamins and minerals into each piece.

High Protein to Support Muscles and Performance
The quail egg ingredients boast an impressive amount of protein, providing all 10 essential amino acids. This makes these nutritious nibbles excellent for building and maintaining strong muscles while fueling your active pup. The bountiful protein also helps keep your dog feeling satisfied between meals.

Low Calorie for Weight Management or Restricted Diets
While packed with nutrition, these PawsFourLove treats are low in fat and calories. This makes them a smart choice for pets who need to lose weight or are on a restricted diet. You can give your dog a delicious, healthy treat without worry.

Allergy and Sensitivity Friendly
Great news for dogs with food sensitivities – these single ingredient treats contain no grains, gluten or fillers that can cause adverse reactions. They are a wonderful choice for pets with grain allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Natural Support for Diabetic Dogs
The freeze dried quail eggs contain no added sugars, so these treats won’t cause blood sugar spikes. Dogs with diabetes can enjoy the tasty crunch and nutritional benefits guilt-free. The protein helps steady glucose levels.

Antioxidants for Immune System Health
Quail eggs contain the antioxidants selenium and vitamin E which help strengthen the immune system and fight cellular damage from free radicals. Give your pup important antioxidants with these yummy treats.

Vitamins and Minerals for Whole Body Health
These wholesome bites also provide B vitamins, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. B vitamins aid metabolism and enzyme production. Zinc supports healthy skin and coat. Iron carries oxygen through the bloodstream. Magnesium aids bone formation. Potassium regulates fluid levels. Phosphorus maintains healthy teeth and gums.

Created with Organic, Humane and Sustainable Ingredients
The certified organic quail eggs come from free-range Coturnix quails fed an all-natural, vegetarian diet. No hormones, antibiotics or medications are used. The eggs are sustainably produced in a low-waste facility.

Easy to Use Training and Reward Treats
Thanks to their crunchy texture and appetizing taste, these dried egg treats are perfect for rewarding good behavior or encouraging skill development. Toss a few to reinforce house training or commands.

Can Be Served Dry or Rehydrated

For a crispy, crunchy treat, serve the quail egg pieces straight from the bag. For a chewy, softer texture, soak briefly in water before feeding. This versatility makes them great for pets who have dental issues.

For Dogs of All Breeds, Life Stages and Sizes
These natural, healthy treats can be enjoyed by dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes! Puppies, adults and seniors will love the palatable flavor. Adjust serving sizes for small, medium or large dogs.

Made in the USA

These premium quail egg treats are proudly made in the USA from high-quality ingredients. You can feel good knowing they meet strict standards for purity and safety.

Get Tail Wags of Delight with PawsFourLove All-Natural Quail Egg Dog Treats! These single ingredient freeze dried nibbles offer a healthy, nourishing snack. Give your dog the benefit of organic protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with each yummy piece!


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