Our Story

Supertails was founded in 2022 by a small group of passionate animal lovers who wanted to make a difference for pets in need. The initial inspiration for Supertails came when the founders volunteered at local animal shelters and saw how many animals were waiting months or even years to find a loving forever home.

Moved by the plight facing so many orphaned pets, we decided to create an online platform where potential adopters could easily browse and connect with shelter animals across the country. Our goal was simple – to make pet adoption accessible, transparent and enjoyable so more pets in need could find the loving families they deserve.

Since launching Supertails, we’ve helped over 5,000 shelter pets find adoption. We now partner with hundreds of animal shelters and rescue groups across the United States to showcase their adoptable pets on our platform. Our website and mobile apps allow potential adopters to search for adoptable pets by location, breed, size, age and more. You can favorite pets you’re interested in, ask shelters questions about the animals in their care and even begin your adoption application online.

We believe technology and innovation can transform the pet adoption process to benefit shelters, rescue groups and the animals they work so hard to care for. We’re a dedicated team of pet enthusiasts using our skills in web and app development to build online tools that make it easier for people to open their homes to orphaned animals.

Adoption gives deserving pets a second chance – our mission is to connect people with the new best friend that will change their life as much as they change the animal’s. If our technology can lead to just one more adoption, one more forever home, we’ll consider our work worthwhile. We hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Our Values

Everything we do at Supertails stems from our love of animals and our belief that every orphaned pet deserves a forever home filled with love. Our core values guide our efforts to transform the pet adoption process for the modern world.

Animal Welfare First

The welfare, care and wellbeing of the vulnerable pets we serve is always our top priority. Their needs come before profits or any other business considerations. We are advocates first and foremost.

Adoption For All

We believe anyone who can provide a safe, caring forever home should have the opportunity to adopt a shelter pet in need. We fight for inclusive adoption policies so more orphaned pets find the families they deserve.

Innovation With Purpose

We embrace innovation not for innovation’s sake but to drive meaningful progress for the pets and shelters we serve. New technology allows us to make pet adoption more efficient, transparent and enjoyable for all.

Dedication Beyond Dogs & Cats

All orphaned domestic animals deserve a second chance, not just cats and dogs. We proudly partner with shelters and rescues focused on rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, horses and other pets needing homes.

Community Focused

We understand adoption happens thanks to the dedication of shelter staff, volunteers, foster parents, donors and other community advocates working tirelessly on behalf of homeless pets. We celebrate these unsung heroes.

Education At Our Core

Knowledge is power when it comes to making the best adoption decision. We create resources to educate potential adopters, shelters and the general public about responsible pet care and the joys of pet adoption.

Accountability In All We Do

We hold ourselves accountable to the pets in our care, our shelter partners, adopters and the many compassionate supporters who make our work possible. We operate with transparency and welcome feedback.

These core values shape every decision we make – from the pets we showcase to the features we build. We believe this ethical, compassionate approach sets us apart and defines the Supertails way. Our entire team signs on to uphold these values.

How We Work and Our Impact

Since launching Supertails, we are proud to have helped connect thousands of shelter pets with loving forever homes. But the reality is millions of orphaned cats, dogs and other domestic animals still face an uncertain fate each year in shelters across the country.

On any given day approximately 6.5 million pets nationwide are waiting to be adopted. Each year an estimated 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. Behind those statistics lies real heartache for the pets losing their chance at life and the shelter staff forced to make space for the continuous flood of incoming animals.

Supertails exists to be part of the adoption solution. Everything we do aims to make pet adoption more efficient, transparent and less stressful for overcrowded shelters.

We Connect Shelters & Rescues With Adopters Online

Our secure web platform and mobile apps allow shelters and rescue groups to easily upload animal profiles, bios and photos to showcase their adoptable pets. No more scrambling to organize weekend adoption events or paper flyers. Now adopters can view available pets online anytime, anywhere.

Potential adopters browse our listings and can save favorites, ask questions and submit adoption applications electronically. There’s no need to visit a shelter first or play phone tag with busy staff. When they find the pet they hope to welcome into their family, adopters work directly with the shelter through our messaging system.

We Promote Pets to Increase Adoptions

The pets on our platform are searchable by location, breed, age, size and other filters important to finding a good animal match. Adopters can view upcoming local adoption events and pet videos. Popular pets are highlighted across our social channels.

Our shelter partners receive analytics on which pets attract the most interest so they can target promotions. It’s all aimed at increasing adoptions for the amazing animals waiting too long for their chance to shine.

We Celebrate Happy Tails Success Stories

There’s no greater reward than learning an orphaned animal found their forever home after connecting with potential adopters on Supertails. We ask shelters to share photos and details when their pets get adopted so we can showcase these Happy Tails success stories.

Not only does this let our community celebrate alongside shelter staff and volunteers but it encourages more potential adopters to consider opening their home to a pet in need.

We Connect People in Innovative Ways

Supertails allows potential adopters to save favorites, create custom pet alerts and save complex searches so you never miss new pets matching what you want. Our popular virtual meet and greets over video chat let adopters talk to shelters without travelling there first.

Prospective families needing more time to choose between multiple pets can foster-to-adopt through our network. We make it easier for busy professionals, military members, seniors and those needing extra accessibility to adopt.

We Are Building an Adoption Movement

Our national network platform, mobile technology and online community attract a new generation of potential adopters. Millennials now make up the largest share of pet owners. Gen Z is more likely to adopt shelter pets.

We want to empower these digital-first adopters looking to welcome homeless pets into the modern families they are building. Our aim is no less than to spark a national adoption movement led by passionate young advocates embracing ethics-focused businesses and technologies for social good.

Supertails gives anyone wanting to make a positive difference for homeless pets an easy way to directly support adoption. When you adopt, foster, volunteer, donate or spread awareness, you join our circle of compassion helping orphaned animals in need.

Meet Our Pack

The Supertails pack is what makes our lofty goals possible. Our small but mighty team works hard behind the scenes connecting potential adopters with deserving shelter pets across the country. Get to know the animal aficionados powering our platform:

Founder & CEO – Sara A.

Sara rescues the pets no one else wants – senior dogs, special needs cats, misunderstood pit bulls and more. She’s fostered over 100 pets with medical or behavior challenges needing compassion. Sara’s experiences volunteering in crowded, underfunded shelters sparked the idea for Supertails. She leads our pack with her trademark mix of grit, passion and business savvy.

Lead Developer – Jamal K.

The magic happens thanks to Jamal – our coding wizard who built Supertails from the ground up. He has a knack for creating digital interfaces that make complicated processes intuitive. Jamal helps turn Sara’s ambitious ideas into practical tools shelters and adopters love. The product roadmap starts and ends with him.

Customer Support Guru – Amy T.

Champion of customers and fearless problem solver, Amy makes every adoption journey exceptional. She knows the name and backstory of every adoptable pet. Amy coordinates directly with shelters to resolve issues and delights adopters with her infectious warmth. Customer support is the best part of Amy’s day.

Marketing Maverick – Trevor L.

Creative mastermind Trevor spreads the word that pet adoption is for everyone with his viral social campaigns leading to millions of video views. He crafts Shelter Spotlights celebrating their hard work and builds buzz for pets needing extra publicity. Trevor has a knack for great storytelling with heart.

Admin Angel – Marta S.

Behind every great startup is an office manager holding everything together. For Supertails, that’s Marta. She makes sure operations run smoothly across our network of shelter partners. Marta builds relationships with rescues and advocacy groups aligned with our mission. We’re so grateful for her daily dedication.

While small, our team packs a punch thanks to our complementary expertise and shared passion for animal welfare. We may be a humble startup but software innovations allow us to make ripples across communities countrywide. Our lean approach keeps bureaucracy and red tape out of the way to benefit the pets Always front of mind.

We’re actively looking to grow our pack with aligned talent passionate about our mission of driving technology forward to help orphaned pets find lifelong homes. If you’re a skilled professional wanting to use your talents to make a difference for animals in need, check out our open positions or reach out to join our lifesaving work.

Our Partnerships

The important work we do would not be possible without incredible shelter and rescue groups nationwide working miracles for homeless pets against all odds. We celebrate these partners making pet adoption accessible on our platform.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

This New York City nonprofit rescues at-risk dogs from overcrowded high kill shelters in the south transporting them north to foster homes before adoption. Their motto says it all: Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Transport. Donate. We proudly showcase their dogs like Gizmo, Mimi and Teddy helping them find forever homes.

Angel City Pit Bulls

One of our long-time Los Angeles partners focused on bully breed rescue and advocacy. Despite prejudice, pit bull breeds can make wonderful family companions with proper training and care. We feature stunning APBC ambassador pits and mixes like Sweet Pea and Meatball who need experienced pet parents.

The Muddy Paws Project

Homeless pets can face bleak outlooks in rural communities lacking shelters and resources. This group meets the needs in eastern Tennessee through transport networks, low cost vet care, education and adoptions near and far made possible via our platform. Follow adorable mudders like Chevy, Piper and Hank.

Carolina Big Hearts Big Paws

Many larger breed rescue dogs have special needs due to health conditions, injuries or past neglect. This South Carolina group takes on cases requiring extensive medical care, rehab and TLC so dogs like German Shepherd Sophie still find the loving adoptive home they deserve. Read her story.

Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue

Few realize rampant overpopulation and stray challenges reach beyond cats and dogs impacting rabbits, guinea pigs and small pets. One of our first shelter partners helping these smaller critters find families, they specialize in vetting and pairing pocket pets left behind. Visit the hopping Bunny cam!

Our national network of rescue groups benefit from our online tools and engaged adopter community. In turn, the pets in their care find brighter futures. Together we celebrate thousands of lives transformed through adoption.

Looking to Rehome a Pet?

If you need to rehome a pet you can no longer care for, we understand how agonizing surrendering them feels. Please reach out so we can help connect you to local resources instead of leaving frightened pets at overcrowded shelters as anonymous strays. There are more options than you realize – we’re here to help navigate them.

Contact Our Pack

Our small but mighty team is always just an email away to answer your pet adoption questions and connect you with shelter partners helping pets in need. Reach out to us at:

General Information: info@ntb-tires.com
Tech Support: help@ntb-tires.com
PR Inquiries: press@ntb-tires.com
Shelter Partnerships: partners@ntb-tires.com

Follow and engage with us through any of these social media channels:

Facebook: facebook.com/ntb-tires.com
Instagram: instagram.com/ntb-tires.com
Twitter: twitter.com/ntb-tires.com

We look forward to helping you on your pet adoption journey soon with the newest member of your family! Let us know how we can help or if you want to join our pack supporting homeless pets across the country.